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Romeo Dunca is a businessman who focuses on the transportation industry. He has shares in one of the largest road transport companies in Romania and he has over 500 TIR trucks that transport all kinds of goods every day from one place to another.

It must be noted that Romeo Dunca bought his first truck in 1973 but now has over 500 trucks in the fleet of which he and his father, Ioan Dunca, control over 53% of the carrier’s capital. The likes of Holian, registered in Luxembourg (28%), Doru Husarciuc (16%) and Constantin Daminescu (3%) also own shares of the capital.

Romeo Dunca is noted to be the first Romanian who managed to finish the Paris-Dakar race on two wheels.

He is said to have climbed one of the most inaccessible mountain peaks in the world – Manaslu from the Himalayas.

Romeo Dunca is also said to have planted the Romanian flag at the North Pole in 2006 and at the South Pole in 2011.

Interestingly, Romeo Dunca is better known as a businessman than a politician. He is the new president of the Caraș-Severin County Council.

He made it into the list of Top 50 Forbes Billionaires with an estimated net worth of 14-15 million euros. He crashed in Muntele Mic, from Caraș Severin in 2017 with an aircraft.

This was specifically on November 29, 2017, but he escaped death. He only sustained some injuries but the helicopter was completely damaged beyond repairs. It was strong winds that caused the helicopter to crash.

Romeo Dunca Girlfriend

It cannot be said currently if Romeo Dunca has a girlfriend or not. However, in 2014, Romeo Dunca divorced his wife, Elena Daniela after 2 years of marriage.

At the time of divorce, they had a total of four children; two boys and two girls.

The judges ruled that Romeo Dunca should pay alimony of 2,200 lei per month, although he had offered before the trial to pay 2,500 euros per month.

Romeo Dunca gave his wife two houses, one in Timisoara and one in Remetea, 8,000 square meters of land, and a car!

About Elena Daniela

Elena Daniela was born on September 18, 1980, in Sibiu. She is a female long-distance runner and former racewalker from Romania.

She placed fifth in the 5000-meter walk at the 1998 World Junior Championships.

Elena Daniela also placed sixteenth in 20km at the 2004 World Race Walking Cup. She was also at the 2003 World Championships and the 2004 Olympic Games.

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