Rolf Geiger Cause of Death. Full details

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As a prolific attacker, Rolf Geiger (born October 16, 1934) made a lasting impression on German football. His career encompassed a period during which his abilities adorned both domestic and international fields, solidifying his status as a prominent player in the soccer world. Geiger’s path demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the sport that transcends time, both on and off the field.


In 1953–1955, Rolf Geiger made his football debut with FV Salamander Kornwestheim, demonstrating early potential. He played with Stuttgarter Kickers from 1955 to 1957 after his ability quickly brought him there. Due to his skill, Geiger was selected for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics United Team of Germany. Even though the Soviet Union’s 2-1 victory meant the squad would have to leave early, Geiger’s involvement was the start of his global adventure.

At the club level, Geiger kept making waves by wearing the Stuttgarter Kickers and VfB Stuttgart shirts. One notable success occurred in 1958 when he helped VfB Stuttgart win the DFB Cup.

But his transfer from VfB Stuttgart to Stuttgarter Kickers caused controversy and sparked the famed “Stuttgart War.” Geiger’s seven-month ban for allegedly accepting illegal cash inducements highlighted the difficulties players faced at a time when such behavior was outlawed.

Rolf Geiger played eight international matches for West Germany between 1956 and 1964, making an impression and scoring two goals. He earned a spot in the annals of German football history with his contributions to the national team, which mirrored his strength and talent on the field.

Rolf Geiger entered a new phase of his life after his storied football career. He entered the real estate industry, working for himself as a constructor and real estate broker in Stuttgart.

What was Rolf Geiger’s Cause of Death?

Rolf Geiger passed away on November 29, 2023. He passed away at the age of 89. However, the cause of his death has not been revealed.


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