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 Rolf Bossi Cause of Death: Full Details. September 2023

Rolf Bossi was born on September 10, 1923. Rolf Bossi was a German criminal defense lawyer. Within the years of practice of Rolf Bossi, he was known for defending so many actors. He defended the likes of Ingrid van Bergen and Romy Schneider.

Rolf Bossi was also noted to have defended and represented criminals such as Jurgen Bartsch, Dieter Ziof and Dieter Degowski. Interestingly, he defended four former Eastern German Border guards.

These guards were accused of having ended the life of Chris Gueffroy for trying to escape over the Berlin Wall. Without a doubt, he is considered one of Germany’s best-known defense lawyers.

He is the author of an autobiography and has made appearances on talk shows and has featured in two films.

Rolf Bossi Cause of Death

Rolf Bossi died on December 22, 2015, but the cause of his death is not so clear.

Case of The Border Guards

Rolf Bossi was the defense lawyer for the border guards who killed Chris Gueffroy. The main essence of the case tests whether the new Germany could prosecute members of the old communist system for violence that were perpetrated before unification.

The border guards were said to have killed Chris Gueffroy in February 1989. The case of the bodyguards was the last known killing at the cold war barrier.

It is interesting to note that the involvement of the border guards in the death of Chris could not be disputed but the main issue had to do with whether or if they could be prosecuted under the West German criminal code.

It was said that the border guards had no option but to shoot because the East German leadership had outlawed ‘escape from the Republic ‘.As a matter of fact, a shoot-to-kill order had been given to enforce the measure. According to Rolf Bossi, the border guards were only undertaking their duty.

One of the border guards, Andreas Kuhnpast, confirmed that he opened fire but had tried to aim wide of Chris. He revealed that Chris was prompted three times to stop moving but he ignored it.


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