Robert Lembke’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Robert Lembke is a man whose legacy continues to inspire present-day television hosts and entertainers.

His dedication to journalism, commitment to democratic principles, and exceptional talent as a presenter solidify his status as one of Germany’s most influential television personalities.

Robert Lembke’s Biography

Robert Lembke, born Robert Emil Weichselbaum on September 17, 1913, in Munich, was a well-known German television presenter and game show host.

Lembke made important contributions to the entertainment sector during his career, making a lasting impression on German television.

Early ambitions pushed Lembke to study law at the age of 18. He did, however, drop out of college and seek a career in journalism.

He achieved achievement while working for prestigious newspapers such as Berliner Tageblatt and Simplicissimus. Unfortunately, his reluctance to accept a loyalty pledge to Adolf Hitler under the Nazi administration resulted in his exile from the journalism sector.

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Lembke, determined to pursue his career, found work at IG Farben while his father sought safety in England in 1936. Lembke married Mathilde Bertholt in 1935, and they had a daughter three years later.

Following the conclusion of WWII, Lembke continued his work as journalist. He co-founded the German newspaper “Die Neue Zeitung” in Munich alongside renowned writers Hans Habe, Erich Kästner, and Stefan Heym.

The publication’s goal was to deliver neutral news while also promoting democratic ideas in postwar Germany.

This endeavour demonstrated Lembke’s deep devotion to press freedom and his determination to reconstruct democratic society.

In 1949, Lembke began his collaboration with the German broadcasting corporation Bayerischer Rundfunk, launching his prominent career in the realm of television.

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During this time, Lembke began his most famous role as the host of the game programme “Was bin ich?” (What’s My Line?).

This popular ARD television programme aired from 1961 until Lembke’s death in 1989. The structure of the show, inspired by the American original, enthralled audiences and solidified Lembke’s place as one of Germany’s most beloved television personalities.

Lembke received multiple awards throughout his career for his excellent contributions to the entertainment business. For his work on “Was bin ich?” he earned the renowned Goldene Kamera award in the area of Best Moderation in 1968.

This honour recognised Lembke’s extraordinary talent as a presenter as well as his ability to engage and entertain viewers.

Lembke was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit in 1970, recognising his substantial impact on German television and commitment to defining the country’s cultural landscape.

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Lembke won his second Goldene Kamera award in 1983, this time in the category of Camera 30 Jahre Fernsehen. The award recognised his three decades of television labour and his significant contributions to the industry.

Lembke’s stellar career culminated in 1985, when he received the prestigious Bambi Award. This renowned award recognised his extraordinary aptitude as a television personality, as well as his ability to attract audiences for more than two decades.

Lembke’s contributions to the entertainment industry are legendary, and his influence on television will be remembered for centuries.

Robert Lembke’s Cause Of Death

Robert Lembke’s cause of death is unknown as there is limited information on what might have led to his demise.




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