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Richard von Schirach Biography

Richard von Schirach was a German sinologist and author who was born in Munich on 11 February 1942.

He spent his formative years in academia at LMU, where in 1974 he earned his doctorate in Chinese literature. His 1973 publication of a German translation of Chinese Emperor Puyi’s memoirs was one of his earliest successes.

richard von schirach
richard von schirach

Von Schirach belonged to the illustrious Sorbian Schirach family, which has a distinguished past. He was the grandson of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer, and the son of renowned Nazi war criminal Baldur von Schirach.

Von Schirach wrote a book about his father while considering his family’s history and exploring the troubled past of his ancestors.

Von Schirach wrote a number of significant works during the course of his career. In addition to writing his own writings that were centred on many facets of Chinese literature and culture, he also translated the memoirs of Emperor Puyi.

Hsü Chih-mo and the Hsin-yüeh Society were examined in one of his dissertations, “Hsü Chih-mo and the Hsin-yüeh-Gesellschaft: An Contribution to New Literature Chinas,” which examined their contributions to the creation of new literature in China.

The most well-known piece by von Schirach, “Der Schatten meines Vaters” (“My Father’s Shadow”), was released in 2005.

This book goes deeply into Baldur von Schirach’s life and deeds, illuminating the shadowy past of the Nazi government and its effects on his own family. His investigation of the difficulties of his own identity and heritage is intensely intimate.

“Die Nacht der Physiker: Heisenberg, Hahn, Weizsäcker and the deutsche Bombe” is another important work by von Schirach.

The development of the German atomic bomb during World War II and the lives and careers of well-known German physicists like Heisenberg, Hahn, and Weizsäcker are explored in this text.

richard von schirach
richard von schirach

Richard von Schirach made significant contributions to the subject of sinology and investigated the past of his own family.

His essays offer insight into both the tangled legacy of Nazi Germany and Chinese literature and culture. Despite his passing, his writings are still read and valued because they provide insightful reflections on history and identity.

Richard von Schirach Cause of Death

Richard Von Schirach passed away in a hospital in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on July 11, 2023, at the age of 81, in this tranquil town but details of his death are currently unknown.

Richard von Schirach Wife

Richard Von Schirach’s wife details are unknown as there is no report about her on the internet.

Richard von Schirach Family

Richard Von Schirach is the son of  Baldur von Schirach and  Henriette von Schirach. He is also known to be the grandchild of  Heinrich Hoffmann, Emma Middleton Lynah Tillou, Carl von Schirach and Therese Baumann.

Von is also a father of two children by the names of  Benedict Wells and Ariadne von Schirach.

His uncle is Karl Benedict von Schirach.

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