Remigi Zumbühl Family: Full Details

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Remigi Zumbühl was 60 years old when he got missing on Saturday, August 26, 2023. An extensive search was carried out to find him. Drones, helicopters and technical means have been deployed in search of Remigi Zumbühl.

According to the operations manager of the Nidwalden cantonal police, Marco Niederberger, he believes that Remigi Zumbühl is missing because of a medical problem. Remigi Zumbühl is said to be a robust person as he used to work in construction.

Even though it was believed Remigi Zumbühl may have been medically confused resulting in getting missing, the possibility of crime cannot be ignored . Divers were deployed to places such as Engelbergeraa and parts of Lake Lucerne to look for the missing man.

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It must be noted that the fire brigade and police, private individuals and Alpine Rescue Switzerland made time to search for Remigi Zumbühl. A friend of Remigi Zumbühl, Hansjörg Dossenbach (67) from Wolfenschiessen NW believed that a medical reason was the cause of the disappearance of Remigi Zumbühl who had suffered stroke in the past.

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According to a worker of a workshop, he saw Remigi Zumbühl shirtless near his car and even gave him a jacket. Subsequently, Remigi Zumbühl ‘s car was seen in Wolfenschiessen NW near Secklisbach. Remigi Zumbühl is said to be 173 centimeters tall and hugely built.

He has short gray hair and a mustache and goatee. Remigi Zumbühl was last seen in blue short jeans, a dark polo shirt with a red collar, white socks and red sneakers.

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The Nidwalden cantonal police also placed a missing person report on Swiss television to help in the search for Remigi Zumbühl.

Remigi Zumbühl Family

The missing man, Remigi Zumbühl is said to be a family man. He is married to Brigitte. Remigi Zumbühl and Brigitte have two children and they are Roman and Ivan.

Remigi Zumbühl is the third eldest of eight children in the Zumbühl family. He was born on March 15, 1963, in Wolfenschiessen. Remigi Zumbühl was a district administrator.

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