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Rebel Wilson Parents: Meet Jack Bounds and Sue Bownds. June 2023

Who are Rebel Wilson Parents: Here is All you need to know about Sue Bownds and Jack Bounds.

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, popularly known as Rebel Wilson is a renowned American actress, singer, comedian, writer, and a producer born on March 2, 1980 in Sydney, Australia. She was born into a family of dog breeders, handlers and judges of dog shows so you can understand why she also hosted “Pooh Perfect” in 2020.

She dreamt of becoming a top actress at a young age because she used to work at a cinema in Castle Hill. Wilson then took acting lessons at the Australian Theatre for Young People where she won an international scholarship in 2003 hence had to move to New York.

She got her breakthrough role on the SBS comedy series “Pizza” as Toula from 2003 to 2007 and appeared again in 2019. Wilson is also well known for her roles in “Pitch Perfect film series” (2012-2017), Isn’t it Romantic (2019), Senior Year (2022), Jojo Rabbit (2029), Super Fun Night (2013), etc.

Wilson has publicly come out in June 2022 as been a lesbian and that she was in a relationship with Ramona Agruma. They later got engaged in February 2023.

Who Are Rebel Wilson Parents: Meet Sue Bownds and Jack Bownds

American actress, singer, comedian and producer, Rebel Wilson was born on March 2, 1980 in Sydney, Australia to Sue Bownds and Jack Bownds.

Wilson developed love for dogs right from childhood because both parents were professional dog handlers, breederd as well as judges of dog shows. Hence it was not surprising that Wilson also decided to host a dog styling competition for Seven Network called “Pooh Perfect” from February 2020 till it was canceled in January 2022.

Who Is Rebel Wilson Mother? Meet Sue Bownds 

Sue Bownds is professional dog handler, judge of dog shows, breeder and the mother of American actress, Rebel Wilson. She is a 4th generation dog person and ultimately fell in love with another dog lover, Jack Bownds.

Sue Bownds’ parents and grandparents were all dog lovers and breeders. Her great grandparents were also judges of dog shows, a role Sue herself has been playing since 1980.

Rebel Wilson Parents
Rebel Wilson with her mother, Sue Bownds

She has sat as a judge of a number of dog shows in Australia, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Poland, Philippines, etc.

As breeders, Sue and are family are known for breeding English Cockers, English Springers, Beagles, Curly Coated Retrievers, Fox Terriers, Dobermans, etc.

As a woman born into a family of dog lovers, Sue found love in another dog lover, Jack Bownds whom she married in 1976. They remained married for over 30 years until her husband, Rebel Wilson’s father died in 2010

Their marriage produced four children including Rebel Wilson.

Who Is Rebel Wilson Father? Meet Jack Bownds 

Jack Bownds is the father of actress, Rebel Wilson. He was a professional dog handler, breeder and judge of dog shows must like his wife, Sue Bownds.

It seems they were drawn together by the love they have for dogs which developed into a romantic relationship. They got married in 1976 and stayed married for over thirty years until he passed away in 2010.

His marriage to Sue Bownds produced four children: three daughters and a son. They go by the name Rebel Wilson, Liberty, Annaleise “Annarchi” and “Ryot”.

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