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Who Is Ralph Yarl?

Ralph Yarl is a 16-year-old black boy who was shot twice by a white man after he mistakenly knocked on the doorbell of the killer while attempting to pick up his twin brothers and ended up at the wrong address.

According to reports, the white man shot Yarl in the head through the glass door, then shot again while the youngster lay bleeding on the ground.

Ralph Yarl Height, Age, Full Bio 2
Ralph Yarl

Andrew Daniel Lester, an 84-year-old local, was recognized as the culprit.

Lester was arrested on April 14 in the early morning hours. Lester was detained in detention for a brief period of time without any initial accusations being brought against him. On the same day, he was recorded as being in “out of custody” and “general release” status.

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The family of the deceased as well as people who live in the community with the young deceased Ralph have described the incident as a hate crime and should be treated as such.

Ralph Yarl Height, Age, Full Bio 3
The 16- years-old deceased Ralph Yarl

The white man who fired the rounds, according to sources, was momentarily escorted to police headquarters to give a statement before being freed without being prosecuted. The Yarl family’s and the neighborhood’s wrath has only grown as a result of law enforcement’s inaction and the shooter’s impunity.

Lee Merritt a civil rights attorney who is known for his works and Constance’s help in many similar cases including racial violence victims like Ahmaud Arbery and Cameron Lamb has come out to reveal that he would be standing in for the family of Ralph as he seeks justice for him.

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Shaun King who is also a very reputable and knowledgeable journalist and activist has also endorsed the Yarls.

The parents of Ralph Yarl immigrated to America from Liberia. Friends and family describe Yarl as a musically inclined kid who is intellectually smart and intends to study chemical engineering at Texas A&M University.

Since the breaking of the news by the Kansas City Royals defender, lots of people have taken to social media to express their outrage and demand justice for Ralph Yarl.

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The family of Ralph Yarl has also come out to solicit for the helping spreading the word about the case and drawing attention to the ongoing problem of racial violence and injustice in America.

Ralph’s murder happens to add up to the numerous murder case that keeps on happening in the United States and other parts of the world.

Ralph Yarl Age

Ralph Yarl was 16 years as at the time of his death

Ralph Yarl Height

Ralph Yarl’s height is not known at the moment but he is estimated to have a height that is around  5 feet 9 inches (69.2 inches or 175.7 centimeters).

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