Ralf Dümmel Wife. Meet Anna Heesch

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Ralf Dümmel, a prominent businessman and managing director of DS Products, was born in Bad Segeberg, Germany, on December 2, 1966. Dümmel’s career has been characterized by determination, commercial acumen, and a passion for assisting businesses. He is well-known for being one of the investors on The Lions’ Den, a VOX show about entrepreneurs.

Early Life and Education

Ralf Dümmel completed his secondary schooling at Möbel Kraft in his hometown of Bad Segeberg. After two years of secondary school, he went to vocational training. Once his training was over, he continued to work at Möbel Kraft for an additional year. This early experience helped to prepare Dümmel’s route in the business field.


Dümmel started as a sales assistant at the June 1973-founded trade company DS Products in 1988. As the years went by, he demonstrated his skills and dedication. He became a partner in the company in 1996 and was promoted to managing director in 2000. He oversaw the expansion of DS Products into a multinational company with locations in Poland and Hong Kong.

In addition to his commercial pursuits, Dümmel’s early passion for sports enabled him to be selected for the C team of the German Sports Association (DFB) for football refereeing. But in the end, he decided to give up his job as a referee due to his duties at work.

As an investor in The Lions’ Den, a program that pairs experienced investors with up-and-coming business owners, Ralf Dümmel has been a significant player in the entrepreneurial scene since 2016. By March 2021, Dümmel had supported more than 150 entrepreneurs and invested in more than 85 businesses. His advice and support have been invaluable in helping to develop creative concepts and support the establishment of new companies.

Dümmel joined the board and took on the position of purchasing manager after The Social Chain acquired the DS Group. His strategic inputs have aided in keeping the DS Group successful and relevant in the cutthroat commercial environment.

Who is Ralf Dümmel Wife?

Ralf Dümmel is married Anna Heesch. Ralf Dümmel tied the knot with the TV presenter Anna Heesch in 2013.




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