Program Outline For Naming Ceremony In Ghana


Ghana Insider brings you the complete program outline for a successful naming ceremony.

A naming ceremony is an occasion used to mark the birth of a child into a family. The child is usually given a name a week after he or she is born.

However, this can also be done when the child is older, as there is no specific age limit. During such occasions, family members and friends are present.

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Naming ceremonies mostly take place at dawn, and this is to signify the belief that the dew at dawn is fresh and indicates that the newborn baby is innocent.

The naming of the child is done by an elderly person in the family. The elderly person puts alcohol and water on the tongue of the baby and this is done to let the baby know the difference between truth and lie.

There is a general program outline that is usually followed for a naming ceremony in Ghana. This outline is as follows:

Outline of program

  • Welcome address and Introduction

It is done to begin the program and welcome those present as well as state the reason for the gathering.

  • Reading of Poem

Poems relating to the birth of the baby are recited by a family member or a guest.

  • Acknowledging Siblings (if there are any)

The presence of the child’s siblings is recognized.

  • Naming of the Baby

The guardian is asked to mention the name chosen for the child and the reason why the name was chosen.

naming ceremony in ghana

  • Parent’s Assurance

Here, parents give their words of assurance to be good and committed parents to their child.

  • Special Symbolic Rituals Are Made


  • Choosing of Godparents

These godparents who are chosen will serve as people the child can go to for counsel apart from his or her parents.

  • Welcoming Child to Family and Friends
  • Affirming Love and Support for Child

The parents speak words of assurance to their child. They assure their child of their love and willingness to support him or her.

  • Blessing of Child

Positive words are spoken over the child’s life concerning what they expect the child to grow up to become in future.

  • Naming certificate is signed by all parties


  • Presenting of Certificate

A certificate indicating that the child has been named is presented to the parents.

  • Closing Words and Prayer

Last words are said and prayers said to close the ceremony.

The outline for the naming ceremony shows that Ghana indeed has a rich culture that is displayed during occasions like these.

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