Prices of Farming Lands in Ghana


The price of farming lands in Ghana is not specific. That is to say, several factors count when pricing a land, whether a farm or regular land.

Welcome to Ghana Insider. Today we bring you the accurate price of getting a farm land in Ghana and the best areas to get it at affordable price. Read more below.

Do you want to start a farm, example poultry farming but lack a land? Then getting a farm land should be the best choice.

Farm lands are available in all parts of Ghana. There are several farmland for sale in Ghana but you need to abreast yourself with the latest information before you step out there to get a farmland.

That is why we prepared this article for you. Thank you.


What determines the price of farm lands?

  • The main determinant of the price of a farm land is location. A farmland located in rural areas costs cheaper than that located in semi-urban and urban areas.
  • Another major factor is the size of the land. It is obvious that bigger plot sizes of land will cost higher than regular size.
  • Proximity
  • Accessibility to amenities
  • Future development potential
  • And many more.


Difference between a farming land and a regular land.

The basic difference between a farmland and regular land is that farmlands are located very far from residential areas are used specifically for animal or crop production/farming.


Price of farming lands in Ghana

A half plot of farm land in a rural area in Ghana costs between GHC 1,000 – GHC 3,000.

A full plot of farmland in Ghana costs between GHC 4,000 – GHC 8,000.

NOTE: The prices quoted above may differ depending on the factors listed above. Before you purchase a land in Ghana, make sure all the necessary documentation are done and the land is free from litigation.


Where to buy farming lands in Ghana

In Ghana, farmlands can be bought from individual or families who own the land. Alternatively, a real estate firm in the sales of land can be consulted for litigation free lands.

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