Price of Day Old Chicks in Ghana

By | September 23, 2020

Do you want to start poultry farming in Ghana?

Are you looking for the price of day-old chicks to include in your budget?

Then you landed on the right page.

In our previous write ups, we discussed how to start poultry farming in Ghana and suppliers of day-old chicks.

Poultry farming is a booming business that anyone can venture into with little or no knowledge.

Drawing an accurate budget for a poultry farm business has always been a problem for starters.

day old chicks

We are here to solve that.

Knowledge of the price of day chicks will help you make the right estimates and budgets to ensure success in your business.

In this post we are going to give you the price of day-old chicks in Ghana at the moment. Also included in this article is:

  • How much is a day-old layer chick?
  • What is the average weight of a day old chick?

Things to note

There are two types of day old chicks in Ghana. Both of them comes with different prices. They are the local and foreign day old chicks.

Per our investigations the local ones cost cheaper than the foreign ones.

As to which one is better, we can’t really discuss that now.

We will do that in our next article.

See the price list of day old chicks below and the respective farms you will get them from.


We contacted some day old chick suppliers in Ghana and inquired about the prices of the chicks.

We have them in the table below.

The price may however differ from farm to farm.

Price list of day old chicks

Layer Local GHS 5.5 Darko farms
Layer Imported GHS 8 Darko farms


Questions answered here

Where can I buy day old chicks in Ghana?

You can get quality day old chicks from Darko Farms, Halaal Farms, Akro Farms & Akate Farms.

What temperature should day old chicks be?

Consult a poultry farming expert for advice.

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  1. ibrahim mubarak

    Comment:please what is the current price day old layer chick

  2. Abdulai Issahaku

    Please if i want start with 2000 birds what that’s it cost me from day one to layers


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