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Portland Cement Concrete Price And More. May 2023

Portland cement is one of the most widely used type of cements all over the world. Basically, Portland cement serves as a primary component of mortar, concrete, stucco and non-specialty grout.

In today’s post, we will look at more informations concerning Portland cement and more. Get to know Portland cement concrete price as well in this post. 

Key Points

The main sections you will discover are as follows

  • About Portland Cement & Concrete
  • Types Of Portland Cement
  • Portland Cement Concrete Price 
  • Where To Buy Portland Cement Concrete

About Portland Cement & Concrete

Portland Cement originated from Leeds, England. Joseph Aspdin is the one who first discovered the Portland cement in the early nineteenth century.

Portland cement is a fine powder, yielded by heating limestone and, clay minerals in a kiln to form clinker, grinding the clinker, and adding about 2% to 3% of gypsum.

As a hydraulic cement, portland cements usually hardens by reacting with water and also, forms water-resistant products. 

Portland clinker plus gypsum are composed of: Tricalcium silicate (CaO)3 · SiO2, Dicalcium silicate (CaO)2 · SiO2, Tricalcium aluminate (CaO)3 · Al2O3, Tetracalcium aluminoferrite (CaO)4 · Al2O3 · Fe2O3, etc.

Portland cement can be used in concrete for making culverts, floors, pavements, sidewalks, pipe, reservoirs, railway structures, reinforced concrete buildings, tanks, bridges and etc. 

Types Of Portland Cement

There are numerous types of Portland cements available. Check the list below for some of these types.

Type I

Usage: For general purposes

Type II

Usage: Utilized in concrete exposed to temperate environments where sulfate concentrations in groundwater and soils are higher than normal.

Type III

The type III portland cement renders high strength at an early period (about a week or minimum) when compared with Type I. It has finer particles and also, it comes with a shorter set times. 

Type V

This type of cement is mostly utilized in concrete exposed to harsh sulfate environments.

Portland Cement Concrete Price

As stated earlier, there are several types of Portland cements. OPC is ordinary portland cement.  

Here, there are about not less than four (4) different brands of Portland Cements in Ghana and they are: Ghacem ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Portland limestone cement (PLC), CSIR-BRRI Pozzomix, Dangote OPC, and Diamond PLC.

These types of portland cements above, come with their prices however, their estimated prices fall within GH¢ 33 — GH¢ 50. 

Where To Buy Portland Cement Concrete

  • Ghacem (030 320 5271)
  • CSIR-BRRI Pozzomix, (+233244190056, +233244190037, +233244190038, +233322060064)
  • Dangote Cement (+234-1-460-643, +234-1-463-0316 and +234-1-271-2231)
  • Diamond PLC
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Alibaba and etc

NB: Please use the numbers provided to make enquires on the current prices of the portland cements stated above.



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