Portable Air Conditioner Price in Ghana and Where to Buy

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This post contains:

  • portable air conditioner price in Ghana
  • Samsung portable AC
  • Midea portable air conditioner
  • where to buy (Melcom Ghana, Electromart, etc)

In brief, air conditioner is a system that keeps air cool and dry.

Unfortunately for us, our country Ghana is located in the Tropical part of our world which means we will be using much of the air conditioners most times.

Hence, this calls for the need of this article. Portable means easily or conveniently transported.

In which way the air conditioners you can move about easily from one point to the other is the portable air conditioners.

Questions Answered

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How much is a portable air conditioner at Melcom?” answer-0=”Portable AC at Melcom Ghana ranges from GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,500″ image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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There are different types of portable air conditioners in the country and each got its own price.

More times, the prices depend on the size and capabilities of the appliance.

If you looking for where to buy them relax as I show you the designated points in the country where these air conditioners can be sought from and their prices as well.

Nasco Portable Air Conditioner Price.

Nasco is a big brand in Ghana currently in terms of producer of consumable goods.

In this category (portable Air conditioners in Ghana), Nasco has already manufactured one which is detailed below.

Nasco 1.5HP Portable Air Conditioner (MPPD-12CRN1-NASCO)

Price: GH₡1,925.99 

Nasco 1.5HP Portable Air Conditioner can be bought in the country from Zoobashop and any Nasco showroom in the country.



Midea Portable Air Conditioner Price.

Midea is one best producers of air conditioners in the country.

Its appliances are very durable and have a good trademark. It has produced the:


Price = GH₡1,100 to GH₡1,900

This portable AC can be bought from any MIDEA showroom across the country.


Samsung Portable Air Conditioner.

Currently, Samsung is the leading producer of home appliances.

Samsung goods are of very high quality.

It produces portable air conditioners that are very long-lasting and affordable.

Samsung portable air conditioners costs between GH₡1,500.00 and GH₡2,500.00

It can be bought at any of the branches of Melcom and any Samsung showroom in the country. 


Price of Hisense Portable Air Conditioner.

Hisense is also one of the leading brands when it comes to producers of portable air conditioners.

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It produces portable air conditioners that have a smarter way of cooling the surrounding.

Hisense portable air conditioners can be purchased in Accra Mall, Kumasi Mall and any of the Hisense showrooms.

Price: GH₡1,000.00 to GH₡2,000.00.


LG Portable Air Conditioner price in Ghana.

Another leading manufacturer of home appliance is LG.

LG has been in existence in the country for so many years and it is known for producing high-quality appliances.

LG produces portable air conditioners and is available in the country.

Portable LG air conditioners can be bought in any of the LG showrooms nationwide

Price ranges from GH₡1,200.00 to GH₡2,100.00.

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