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Pool Board Price. May 2023

You are about to get into the market to shop for a brand new pool board or pool table right? The prices may vary a bit depending on the materials used to produce the artifact.

If you are not well informed about the price of the pool board or the snooker table, then go ahead and read this post. We have provided the quote for the average price in this post. 

More importantly, you are going to discover all the things you must consider before buying your pool board or pool table. When buying a pool board, discovering the one that fits your aesthetic and your budget, comes with less stress when you’re aware of what to seek out or look for and, what to expect.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Pool Board

With respect to quality, let’s see some of the factors that influence the pricing of pool board or pool tables below:

Cabinet Material And Design/Decor

A pool board produced with synthetic (man-made) materials is normally less costly than the one that is made of hardwood. In spite of the fact that it’s more costly, hardwood is durable than the synthetic (man-made) materials. Peculiarity, specialness, specialty or limited designs can equally influence the price of the pool board as well.

Slate Thickness And Pieces

The playing surface of a pool board can come with either a slate or MDF wood. Pool boards produced with MDF wood will be less expensive than a slate board or table.

Size Of The Pool Board

Pool boards (tables) can be bought in sizes ranging from six (6) — nine (9) foot in length. Obviously, larger pool boards (tables) will be more expensive than their smaller similitudes (counterparts).

Grade Of Felt Material

There are varying types of felt that can render playing gains and enduringness.

Peculiar Features And Customization

A typical example, coin operation for commercial use imparts extra cost.

Price Of A Pool Board

How Much Does A Pool Board Cost?

As you have already seen, several factors affects the price of a pool board or table. Here are the prices of some pool boards or tables below: 

Toy tables or boards cost around $600 – $1,200. Basic/Economy tables or boards cost around $1,200 – $2,000. Mid-Range tables or boards cost around $2,100 – $3,500. Heirloom/Custom tables cost around $3,500 – $15,000.

The cost of a pool board ranges from GH¢ 1,600 — GH¢ 8,500. 

Where To Buy Pool Board

There are several places to purchase a pool board or table. Here are some of the outlets:

  • Amazon
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Reapp Ghana



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