Plasterboard Ceiling Price In Ghana


Literally, everything you need to know about plasterboard will be talked about in this post.

As you move further in this post, you will get to know what plasterboard is made of, the various types of plasterboard and more importantly, the price of plasterboard.

Key Points

  • Plasterboard is a panel composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) mostly pressed between a facer and a backer.
  • Plasterboard is employed in making interior walls and ceilings. This ‘Drywall’ construction became modish as a quicker alternative to traditional lath and plaster.
  • Plasterboard is utilized to aid builders and designers fit building regulations for: acoustic insulation, fire protection and thermal efficiency.
  • Plasterboard can also aid in controlling condensation and likely damage in regions of high humidity.
  • Some types of plasterboard include: Four-in-one Plasterboard, Impact Plasterboard, Acoustic Plasterboard, Fire-resistant Plasterboard, Moisture-resistant Plasterboard, Standard Plasterboard, Damp-proof Variants, Insulated Plasterboard and Flexible Sheets.

About Plasterboard

Plasterboard actually come with more than two names. Plasterboard can be called: drywall, wallboard, gypsum board or wall panels. 

Uses Of Plasterboard

The basic use of plasterboard is to build partitions wall linings or ceilings in any building. You can think of: hospitals, schools, shops and domestic properties. A modernized plasterboard can serve the purpose of external sheathing.

Benefits Of Plasterboard

The usage of plasterboard comes with several benefits. 

To begin, it gives a smooth finish to decorate. Then also, it weighs less and hence, it is easy to install. To add, it can be utilized to create features like curved walls.

Types Of Plasterboard

Plasterboard can be classified into the following key classes with respect to their performances:

1. Plasterboard that gives fire performance

2. Plasterboard that gives acoustic or sound performance. 

3. Plasterboard that gives thermal performance. 

4. Perforated plasterboard that gives acoustic performance with aesthetic design, mostly utilized in atriums, foyers, restaurants and other areas where sound reverberation is an issue. 

5. Plasterboard that gives impact resistance.

6. Plasterboard that aids in controlling vapour, moisture and water.

Plasterboard Ceiling Price

Plasterboard ceiling price in Ghana. There are several things to consider.

The price of plasterboard ceiling differs from brand to brand or the company involved in the sales.

The only thing we can give you is an estimate, an average price after comparing the prices of most brands.

Approximately, plasterboard ceiling cost: GH¢ 100 and above.

Where To Buy Plasterboard Ceiling

There are numerous places where you can get a plasterboard ceiling. Most of these places where you can purchase a plasterboard ceiling are:

  • Paints Ghana (
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Jumia Ghana



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