How To Start Pig Farming in Ghana. The Ultimate Guide (2020).

Are you interested in starting a piggery?

In this post I will teach you how exactly to start one and make huge profits.

Pig farming is a business that is changing lives in Ghana.

This guide also includes:

The demand for pork is on the rise in Ghana.

Due to that, it will be very wise to consider starting or switching to pig farming as it promises high profits within a short period of time.

I am going to teach you practical steps to make you a successful commercial pig farmer.

In 2012 I started pig farming and since then the returns have been always improving.

In this post, I am going to show you exactly how I started a commercial pig farming in Ghana and made huge profits even as at now.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started.


Table of Contents

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Why you should start rearing pigs
Write a business plan.
Check your finances


Choosing a location
Constructing the structure for rearing (sty)
Getting the required equipmnent
Stocking the farm with piglets



This chapter entails the basics you need to know before starting a pig farm in Ghana.

Why should you start rearing pigs?

Before you start any business, it is necessary to do a pre-market analysis to see how well the business will do. Unlike poultry farming in Ghana, pig farming is now on the rise and so there are not many pig farms in Ghana. However, the demand for pork is always on the rise.

Some of the reasons I think you should start pig farming especially in Ghana are:

  • It promises high (100% or more) profits if done well
  • Consumption of pork is on demand in Ghana and West Africa
  • Pigs multiply very fast. One sow (mature female pig) can give birth to between 7 to 16 piglets at a time.
  • Pigs consume a wide variety of foods making them easy to farm.
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Writing a business plan.

A well-detailed business plan will guide you to success in every business. Many youths in Ghana start business without considering this crucial aspect.

Before you commence a pig farming business write down a business plan that entails:

  • The breed of pigs you want to rear
  • The proposed location of your business.
  • The capital that you need to start.
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If you need assistance in writing one, contact our office (0203256997) for guidance. You can also download a free pig farming business plan from the link below.


Check your finances.

How much do I need to start a commercial pig farming in Ghana?

Sincerely, there is no actual amount I can quote here. The capital required will depend on how big or small you want to start.

It is important that you venture into it small and grow overtime.

You will get an insight of how much is needed to start after reading the next chapters.

We’re done with the basics, let’s dive into how to choose a location, construct the pig rearing structure and getting the right breed of pigs.


Choosing a Location.

The first step is to get a land that is relatively cheaper and also has all the necessary accessories required for a successful business.

I suggest you choose a place far from residential areas which has available and cheap labour. Consider the cost of transportation to the place.

After considering all the points above, go ahead and purchase or hire a land.


Constructing the structure for rearing the pigs.

You’ve bought or hire a land. What is next? This section discusses how to get the required structures in place to commence business.

The structure you intend using for a pig farm depends on the model you want to you to raise the pigs. There are three different models of raising pigs.

  • Intensive
  • Semi-Intensive
  • Extensive

The intensive system: the farmer houses all the pigs within a building and does not allow them to move out. The pigs are raised inside the sties (a place where pigs are kept) on either concrete or sawdust.

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this system is cost intensive as it requires the farmer to build sties for the pigs, feed, give them water and provide veterinary services as well.

This is however protection from predators and thieves as the farmer has sight over all his animals.

Sanitation of the pigs can be highly controlled as they are all confined in one area.


Semi-intensive system: in this model, you provide housing for the pigs and allow them to move out to feed on natural vegetation.

The housing is fenced to prevent animals from going astray.

The farmer also provides wallow pits for the pigs to cools themselves when hot.

Less capital is needed to put this system. However, labour requirements is very high.


Extensive system: the farmers allows the animals to roam and find food for themselves. It requires less money to put up this system.

Disease incidence is very high in the extensive system. The animals are also exposed to harsh weather conditions, predators and thieves.

The structure you need is clearly dependent on the system you want to adapt. Choose one and let’s proceed. If you have any questions as well, leave them in the comments sections below.

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2d. stocking the pen with piglets.

The key to a successful pig farming is starting with the right breed. How do you know the right bread? In this section I am going to give you all you need to know about that. Read on.

Breeding stock could be gotten from Nungua Farms in Accra. Most farmers source their breeding stock from local farmers.

You may also speak to a nearby veterinary Office for assistance

This to note:

Pigs produce quickly. Start with few gilts (gilt pig is a female under the age of 1 year).

Don’t buy the boar (a boar is an uncastrated male pig) from the same farm you bought the gilt.

Check the number of teats (nipple of a female pig) the gilts have developed. A gilt should have a minimum of 12 developed teats before selected for breeding.

There are other requirements. Read more here…

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Taking care of the pigs. In this section you will learn how to properly feed and care for the pigs to ensure maximum growth.

Feeding the pigs.

Note that Pigs eat a lot .Pig feeds are easily available in Ghana. Notwithstanding, pigs eat a variety of foods and they are also resistant to several diseases.

You can make your own feed by preparing a mixture of corn meal, wheat bran and fish meal.

You can also avoid the stress of preparing the feeds yourself and buy already made commercial feeds. These feeds are costly but are very nutritious.

You can also feed pigs with left over foods such as rice, cassava, fufu, etc.


Health management.

Proper hygiene is a must in every pig farming business. Give pigs clean water and ensure they are immunized against swine flu periodically and on time.


Marketing, selling and making profits.

Now that the pigs are fully matured and have produced as expected, it is time to sell your produce to potential customers.

You need to advertise to get customers.

You can partner with local restaurants, pork sellers, cold store owners to buy your produce directly at a reduced cost.

This makes you sell faster.

You can also slaugher and sell some as grilled pork meat.

Bonus Chapter

After you have successfully set up your pig farm business in Ghana, you have to do the needful. Get the business registered and pay the necessary taxes to prevent facing problems in the future.  We have given a definitive guide on how to register a business in Ghana. Kindly click the link below to see how you can get your pig farm registered with ease.


I hope this guide has given you a full insights about pig farming in Ghana.

Gain some experience before starting yours by visitng nearby pig farms in Ghana, asking questions and executing whatever you learn.

Start pig farming now.

Now I would like to know your views.

Have you started a pig farm already or you are not planning to start one?

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If you’ve one already, how is it going?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Thank you.



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  1. Hi! Please I’m now planning on starting a small scale pig farm.
    How much does a piglet cost both the male and female under one year?
    How many male and female do I need to start with when I’m looking at starting with 3or4 piglets?

  2. Good day, please you didn’t mention the amount of money you can use to start the business. I would like to know this please.


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