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Piero Armenti is a living example of the strength of curiosity, enthusiasm, and storytelling in the fast-paced city of New York, where aspirations are as high as skyscrapers and dreams resound through the streets. This multidimensional person, who was born in 1979, has made a name for himself as an urban explorer, writer, business owner, and professional journalist.


He lived for five years in Venezuela, where he was engrossed in the spirit of rum, the warmth of Caribbean culture, and the rhythms of salsa before falling in love with New York.

His journalism career took off as a result of his contributions to several newspapers and journals, including well-known periodicals like Panorama. His writing ranges from novels to essays, with his works on Venezuela in particular demonstrating a close affinity with the people and culture he experienced there.

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One notable piece celebrating Armenti’s ventures was featured in Corriere della Sera, adding to the growing tapestry of his accomplishments. However, it was his move back to Italy in 2008, pursuing a doctorate at the Universit√† Orientale di Napoli, that marked a pivotal moment in his trajectory.

In 2014, Armenti took a bold step, founding the tour operator “My Trip to New York” and securing a coveted tourist license after surmounting a challenging competition.

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His commitment to capturing the essence of New York culminated in the publication of a guide to the city in 2019, offering readers a comprehensive view of its multifaceted personality. Armenti continued to expand his literary portfolio in 2020 with the release of his first novel, “One Night I Dreamed of New York,” a poignant tale of a young man’s journey from a small village in Southern Italy to the towering streets of the city that never sleeps.

In 2023, Armenti unveiled a groundbreaking addition to his repertoire a fictional guide to New York titled “New York Metro by Metro.”

Who is Piero Armenti’s Girlfriend?

Martina Maceratesi is the girlfriend of Piero Armenti. She is originally from Recanati and completed her studies in Ancona, graduating in Economics and Business before specializing in Administration, Finance, and Control. Her academic achievements opened the doors to a career opportunity in New York, where she crossed paths with Piero Armenti, a permanent resident in the city since 2011.

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Between 2018 and 2019, Martina worked as an “accounting and finance freelancer” for the prestigious fashion house Valentino in New York. Upon returning to Italy in the following year, she transitioned to a role at the renowned Gucci fashion house.




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