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Pharmacy plays a key role in any nation who wants to establish a good health system for its people. This is due to the fact that any drug and medicine which is been prepared and dispensed depends solely on the pharmacy.

Even doctors after prescription direct you to the pharmacist. In Ghana, pharmacies have been helpful and doing their best in this regard and need to be complimented.

Hence the call for an association for this discipline has been paramount. Therefore, Pharmacy Council Ghana has been established in this effect.



As pharmacists, you need to apply and register at the council. The various registrations include:

  1. Application Registration as Pharmacist
  2. Application for Temporary Registration as a Pharmacist
  3. Pharmacist Licensure Application form

In each case, there is a required amount you need to pay in addition to downloaded and filled forms. This amount is paid to the council’s regional accounts number. Send the downloaded and filled form to the Regional’s office.


To download the respective forms for registration, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Pharmacy Council Ghana’s website here,
  2. At the right corner of the home page, click on the three short lines
  3. From the options provided, select the one you about registering. The options include:
  • Application Registration as Pharmacist
  • Application for Temporary Registration as a Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist Licensure Application form


Likewise, as a pharmacy, there are a number of registrations you need to apply before you can operate. The following include the registrations:

  1. Pharmacy Renewal Forms
  2. Guidelines for Pharmacy Application
  3. Pharmacy Application Forms
  4. Support Staff Registration Form
  5. Varying of Pharmacy Business Form.



To download the respective forms for registration, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Pharmacy Council Ghana’s website here,
  2. At the right corner of the home page, click on the three short lines
  3. From the options provided, select the one you about registering. They include:
  • Pharmacy Renewal Forms
  • Guidelines for Pharmacy Application
  • Pharmacy Application Forms
  • Support Staff Registration Form
  • Varying of Pharmacy Business Form


Pharmacists’ licensure exams required to be written before you can operate is known as (Ghana Pharmacy Professional Qualification Exam) also called GPPQE.


  1. He/she must hold a degree in Pharmacy or its equivalent that qualifies the applicant to register in the country where it was obtained.
  2. The candidate should have undergone the 12-month rotational internship programme organised by the Pharmacy Council for fresh graduates without professional experience or 3-month abridged internship for foreign-based practising pharmacists.
  3. Satisfactory Preceptors’ assessment report must have been submitted to the Pharmacy Council.
  4. For foreign practicing pharmacist, the person should have done at least 12-months post qualification practice experience.


The candidate should have:

  1. Applied in the prescribed manner to write the examination and
  2. Paid the prescribed fee

Ghana fresh graduate pays a prescribed examination fee of GH₵350.00 while foreign applicants (fresh graduates) pay GH₵3,200.00. Foreign-based practicing pharmacists who apply to write the GPPQE in Ghana pay a fee of GH₵4,000.00.


Two examinations shall be held within the year in July and November.

About Pharmacy Council Ghana.

The Pharmacy Council of Ghana is comprised of:

  1. The governing Board, who establish a various committee to perform specific tasks
  2. Various departments
  3. 10 regional offices

The Governing Board.

The Governing Board Comprises of nine (9) members. By law, the board will hold office for a period not exceeding three (3) years and there is a re-appointment for each member wish to.

In spite of this, a member shall not be appointed for more than two (2) terms. This does not apply to the registrar of the council.

The current board is the 6th session. The members are:

  1. The Chairperson – Mrs. Doris Fosu-Hemaa Addae-Afoakwa
  2. The Registrar- Rauf Audu (PhD, MSc, BPharm, FGCPharm, MWAPCP,


  1. Representative of Accredited Training Institutions – Prof. Mrs. Rita

Akosua Dickson

  1. Registered pharmacist elected by Registered Pharmacists – Mr. Ben


  1. Representative of the Attorney General – Mrs. Grace Mbrokoh-Ewoal
  2. Nominee of the Ministry of Health – Hon Dr. Nana Ayew Afriyie
  3. Nominee of the Ministry of Health – Dr. Stanley Coffie
  4. Nominee of the Ministry of Health – Mrs. Yvonne Ayongo Adu-Boahen


  1. Education Committee
  2. Disciplinary Committee
  3. Pharmacy Technicians Committee
  4. Over-the-Counter Medicine Sellers Committee
  5. Editorial Committee
  6. Legal and Quality Assurance Committee
  7. Pharmaceutical Facilities Technical Committee
  8. Finance and Administration Committee
  9. Audit Committee
  10. Entity Tender Committee
  11. CPD Technical Committee
  12. Examiners Board


  1. Accounts
  2. Audit
  3. Education, Training and Research (
  4. Legal and Quality Assurance
  5. Management Information Systems and Practitioner Identification (
  6. Enforcement and Intelligence Gathering (
  7. Registration and Licensing (
  8. Regional Offices Co-ordination


  1. Ashanti Regional Office | Regional Health Administration, Adum, Kumasi | (03220) 31636, 41455
  2. Brong Ahafo Regional Office | Regional Administration (Annex), Sunyani | (03520) 26551, 26490
  3. Central Regional Office | SIC Building, Cape Coast | (03321) 33233
  4. Eastern Regional Office| SIC Building, Koforidua | (03420) 24699
  5. Greater Accra Regional Office | Near Adjabeng Court, Accra | (0302) 680150, 681929
  6. Northern Regional Office | Old Hospital Block, Tamale | (03720) 23061
  7. Upper East Regional Office | Veterinary Service Department, Bolgatanga | (0382029208)
  8. Upper West Regional Office| Regional Administration Block, Wa | (03920) 22842
  9. Volta Regional Office| School of Hygiene Building, Ho | (03620) 26324
  10. Western Regional Office | Regional Administration Building, Sekondi | (03120) 46391

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