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Petra Manuela is a well-known German schlager singer who has made a name for herself not only as a talented vocalist but also as the wife of the renowned German singer and composer, Stefan Zauner. While many recognize her for her association with Stefan Zauner, Petra Manuela has carved her niche in the German music industry as a lead singer in many of Zauner’s albums.

Musical Passion

Petra Manuela’s journey in the world of music began when she was just a young girl. Her deep-rooted passion for music and her desire to express her thoughts and emotions through songwriting eventually led her to pursue a professional career in singing, particularly after her marriage to Stefan Zauner.

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When asked to describe herself, Petra Manuela uses words like loving, honest, righteous, and open. These qualities have likely contributed to her successful career and harmonious partnership with her husband in both life and music.

Stefan Zauner, known for his work with the band Münchener Freiheit, embarked on a solo career after parting ways with the group. He released several albums, including “Zeitgefühl” (2012), “FABELhaft” (2014), and “Mensch, ärgere Dich nicht” (2016), with Petra Manuela featuring prominently as a singer in these projects.

In May 2019, the couple achieved a remarkable milestone with the release of their fourth album, “Personal.” Their musical journey continued with the release of a new album, “Zeitsprung,” in March 2023, featuring the single “Bluen Saen.”

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How old is Petra Manuela?

Petra Manuela’s age remains undisclosed, and further details about her personal life, including her date of birth, have not been made public. Her public presence has largely been in conjunction with her husband, Stefan Zauner, and media coverage concerning her personal life has been limited. Consequently, information about her early life and family background remains unavailable to the public.

Who is Petra Manuela’s Husband?

Stefan Zauner is the husband of Petra Manuela. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2012, and their partnership has endured ever since. Together, they create music across various genres, offering mutual support in their musical endeavors

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Petra has collaborated with her husband on numerous albums and singles, including tracks such as “Time Leap,” “Heroes,” “Feels So Good,” “Flower Sowing,” “That You Never Forget,” “Get Started,” “The Way We Live,” and “What You Want Most,” among others.

It’s worth noting that Petra Manuela is not Stefan Zauner’s first spouse. Before their union, the musician was married to his wife Birgit, who sadly passed away in 2002 due to pneumonia.


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