Petra Kusch-Lück Children: Full Details

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Who are Petra Kusch-Lück’s children? Does Petra Kusch-Lück have any children? Who did Petra Kusch-Lück have her children with?

In this write-up, we will be answering all your questions about Petra Kusch-Lück’s children so you may want to read on.

Who Is Petra Kusch-Lück?

Petra Kusch-Lück is a German host, singer, dancer and entertainer born Petra Franke on April 6, 1948, in Berlin, Germany.

Before going on TV and doing music, Petra Kusch-Lück first trained to become a nurse at the St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin-Mitte. However, for some reason, she chose not to pursue her nursing career to focus on working on TV.

She started by working at German television broadcasting as a part-time announcer. She later became the host of the entertainment show “Ein Kessel Buntes”.

Petra Kusch-Lück’s work on TV became very noticeable with time and was well-loved by viewers. She ended up winning the TV Darling in GDR for eight consecutive years.

Unfortunately, she had to leave GDR in 1989 and ended up starting a career in music with her future husband, Roland Neudert. She was the moderator of “Musikantenscheune” on ARD from 1995 to 2003 when the show was stopped.

She later worked as a presenter of the birthday show “Alles Gute” on MDR television from 1997 to 2011. During that period, she was also the presenter of “Alles Gute zum Muttertag” on MDR television.

Petra Kusch-Lück has been a presenter and duet partner of “Show of Couples” alongside her husband, Roland Neudert since 2009.

She lives in Berlin-Altglienicke with her husband, Roland Neudert whom she married in 1994.

Petra Kusch-Lück Children 

Petra Kusch-Lück has a daughter with her first husband, singer Thomas Lück. She got married to the German pop singer and actor in 1967 but divorced later in 1970.

After their divorce, she was in and out of two failed marriages before getting married to musician Roland Neudert in 1994. She has no biological child with Neudert.

Thomas Lück on the other hand had two other children from his subsequent two marriages to singers Aurora Lacasa and Nina Hagen.

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