Peter Pasetti Cause of Death: Full Details

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Peter Pasetti could be described as a German theater and television actor as well as a dubbing and radio play speaker. He was born on July 8, 1916, and his parents were set designer Leo Pasetti and the later opera singer Elisabeth Ohms. Peter Pasetti studied music and acting and in 1940, he made his first film. The film was titled The Miss von Barnhelm.

He also played a role In Venus on Trial but with the passage of time, the onset of World War II had a toll on his film career. Peter Pasetti also appeared in The Copper Wedding alongside Hertha Feiler and Hans Nielsen later in 1948.

Other films he featured in include, The Lord from the Other Star (1948), You Are Not Alone (1949), Casino Affair (1957), And Jimmy Went to the Rainbow (1971), The Lerouge Affair (1976)  and The Chinese Miracle in 1977.

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Between the 1960s and 1970s, Peter Pasetti focused more on television and he was featured in series such as On the Green Beach of the Spree (1960), The Commissioner, The Old One, Derrick and The Criminal Museum.

He was also involved in some radio plays.


Peter Pasetti was married three times. He married Eva Maria Pasetti, the dancer and singer Margot Werner as well as the children’s book author and translator Marianne Pasetti.

Peter Pasetti Cause of Death

Peter Pasetti died on May 23, 1996, as a result of cancer. He died a few weeks before his 80th birthday. Peter Pasetti was buried in the n the Nordfriedhof in Munich (grave no. 114-1-36).

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The awards that Peter Pasetti has to his credit are the 1976: Schwabing Art Prize  and 1986: Film Tape in gold


As part of the filmography of Peter Pasetti, there were films such as 1940: Miss von Barnhelm, 1941: Venus on Trial, 1948: The Lord from the Other Star, 1948: The Copper Wedding, 1949: You are not alone, 1950: 12 a.m. 15 room 9, 1951: Sensation in San Remo, 1952: Homesick for you, 1953: Go open your window, 1953: Jonny saves Nebraska AND 1953: A Night in Venice ( Come on the Gondola ).
Others were 1985: The Crime Hour (TV series, episode 15, episode: “Hats and Boxes”), 1985: The Black Forest Clinic (TV series), 1986: Farewell Performance (TV film), 1986: Devil’s Grandmother (TV series), 1987 The Dream Ship – Brazil (TV series), 1988: Black Red Gold – Black Coffee (TV series), 1990: Derrick – Solo for Four (TV series), 1991: The Old Man – Episode 166: Long Shadows (TV series) and 1992: Derrick – A Strange Man of Honor (TV series).

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Peter Pasetti was also involved in Radio Plays. Some of these Radio Plays were 1960: Katjuscha (based on the novel Resurrection by Lev Tolstoy ) (Prince Dimitri Ivanovich Nekhlyudow) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm (SDR), 1963: Memoirs of a Butler (Lord Benmore) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm, 1963: Silberstrahl (based on Arthur Conan Doyle ) ( Sherlock Holmes ) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm, 1966: The Hound of the Baskervilles (based on Arthur Conan Doyle) (Sherlock Holmes) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm, 1968: The Last Problem (after Arthur Conan Doyle) (Sherlock Holmes) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm and 1968: The Empty House (after Arthur Conan Doyle) (Sherlock Holmes) – Director: Heinz-Günter Stamm.


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