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Pauline Brünger has made significant contributions to the fight against climate change in Germany through her activism and advocacy.

Her dedication to scientific facts and her efforts to hold politicians accountable have made her a respected spokesperson for the Fridays for Future movement.

Pauline Brunger’s Biography

Pauline Brünger was born on November 26, 2001, in Cologne, Germany. From a young age, she was passionate about environmental issues and became a member of Greenpeace.

Her interest in climate activism expanded as she grew older, and she became part in the Fridays for Future movement in Germany.

Brünger received her schooling at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Sülz, Cologne. She began engaging in Friday demonstrations at the age of 17, skipping school to protest for climate action in downtown Cologne.

During this period, she was also in charge of the Cologne local group’s social media activities.

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In the run-up to Germany’s European elections in 2019, Brünger made public calls to everyone over the age of 18 to vote, emphasising the necessity of taking advantage of this opportunity to influence climate policies.

She has constantly campaigned for Fridays for Future’s independence from political parties, claiming that their demands are exclusively based on scientific results.

Brünger also acknowledged the importance of addressing social justice concerns in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasising engagement with trade unions and social organisations.

Brünger endorsed this action when Fridays for Future temporarily suspended their weekly strikes at the end of 2019, arguing that the campaign had already successfully raised awareness about the climate catastrophe.

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She criticised the lack of political momentum and called for more specific steps.
Brünger joined Fridays for Future as social media manager in 2020.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, she emphasised the significance of environmentally sustainable alternatives for political delegation trips, such as taking trains rather than vehicles or flights.

Brünger will become a spokesperson for Fridays for Future in September 2020. She discussed her difficult experience of starting her studies under COVID-19 constraints in a guest piece for the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger in March 2021.

Despite the challenges, she was excited about organising the worldwide climate strike in Cologne, emphasising the significance of physical presence in order to effect change.

Brünger took part in a number of climate-related talks and panels, including the Bielefeld Climate Week 2021. She was also a guest on the television show “hart aber fair” and starred in the ARD documentary “Impatient, dissatisfied, at odds?” regarding Angela Merkel’s political legacy.

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Brünger is currently studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. She is well-known for her vegan lifestyle and continues to campaign for more stringent environmental policies.

Brünger has criticised political party platforms, specifically their lack of alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5-degree aim.

She has also spoken out against political parties’ disingenuous behaviour during flood catastrophes in 2021, accusing them of exploiting the situation for election campaigns.

Who Is Pauline Brunger’s Father?

Pauline Brunger’s father is unknown as there is limited information about him on the internet currently.




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