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Paul Henry Nargeolet was born on March 2, 1946, and he was a French deep-sea explorer. He was also a Titanic expert and had the nickname Mr.Titanic. Paul Henry Nargeolet was born in Chamonix in the French department of Haute-Savoie.

He lived in Casablanca, Morocco for 13 years but later on, he relocated to Paris. While in Paris, Paul Henry Nargeolet made time for education and completed his studies by the age of 16.

It must be noted that Paul Henry Nargeolet’s career started off in the French Navy. He was an officer and specialized in mine clearance, diving as well as deep underwater intervention. This was from 1964 to 1986.

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It must be noted that in the 1970s, he became Commander of the Groupement de Plongeurs Demineurs de Cherbourg. As the commander, Paul Henry Nargeolet’s focus was to find and neutralize underground mines. Later in the 1980s, Paul Henry Nargeolet was transferred to the Undersea Intervention Group which offered him the opportunity to travel all over the country retrieving submerged French planes and helicopters.

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Paul Henry Nargeolet was able to identify a Roman wreck located at a depth of 70 meters.


Paul Henry Nargeolet was onboard the Titan on June 18, 2023. The Titan was owned by OceanGate and it was on an expedition to view the Titanic wreckage. Unfortunately, the Titan lost contact with the above-water ship.

It must be emphasized that so much money was spent on rescue operations and activities. Later on June 22, due to the discovery of a debris field 490 meters from the bow of the Titanic, it was obvious that Paul Henry Nargeolet and four other people who were onboard The Titan had lost their lives.

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Personal Life

Paul Henry Nargeolet was married to Michele Marsh, an Emmy Award-winning American television reporter.

She died in 2017 but she has two children with Paul Henry Nargeolet. The children were Chloe, Sidonie, Julien, and John Nathaniel Paschall and he had four grandsons. Paul Henry Nargeolet later on married Anna Sarraz-Bournet, his childhood friend.


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