Parts Of A Knapsack Sprayer


Several types of hand-operated sprayers exist. Among these are:

  • Compression sprayer
  • Stirrup pumps
  • Knapsack sprayer

Again, with respect to volume, sprayers can be grouped into:

  • High volume sprayer (more than 400 litres /ha)
  • Low volume sprayer (5 to 400 litres/ hectare)
  • Ultra low volume sprayer (ULV) spray (less than 5 litres /ha)

Different parts come together to form a body. In other words, a body is made up of different parts and so is a knapsack sprayer.

The knapsack sprayer is a machine with several components. These different parts come together to enhance the operation of the knapsack sprayer. 

Interestingly, the various parts of the knapsack sprayer machine are replaceable. Therefore, instead of throwing the whole knapsack sprayer machine away when faulty, you can save some money by just replacing the faulty part.

Anyway, you may want to know more about a knapsack sprayer.

About Knapsack Sprayer

The knapsack sprayer is a type of sprayer used to dissipate liquid through a hand-held nozzle that is inclined to a pressurised reservoir carried on the operator’s back.

Uses Of The knapsack Sprayer

The Knapsack sprayer can be utilized in applying liquids such as: liquid fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and etc. 

Let’s delve deeper to see the various parts of the knapsack sprayer.

Parts Of The Knapsack Sprayer

The knapsack sprayer comes with the following parts: 

a) Pump 

b) Chemical tank 

c) agitator 

d) Air chamber 

e) pressure gauge 

f) Pressure regulator 

g) valves 

h) Strainer 

i) suction line 

j) delivery line 

k) nozzles

The Tank

This is a container used to hold the chemical solution (mostly, water with the chemical). The tank is composed of PVC, Brass and etc.

Most often, the tank is composed of a metal sheet or a synthetic plastic, possessing a great resistant quality against adverse effects such as: corrosion, erosion, and similar actions. 

Knapsack Sprayer tanks come with varying sizes with respect to their pump capacity and the requirements.


This is a device used to stir the solution and keep the contents in homogenous form.


This is used to regulate the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways.


This part of the knapsack breaks the fluid into fine droplets.

Spray gun

The spray gun is a hand held metallic of PVC pipe which has one end of the nozzle fitted, a flow cut off valve and, a handle fitted at the other end.

Features Of Knapsack Sprayers

  • Applicable to evolve high pressure with minimal effort.
  • It weighs less and the operator can easily carry it at his back.
  • It has a high working rate and, it is very frugal.
  • Able-bodied and, it can be easily maintain.
  • It can be operated using both the left and right hand. 
  • It can be used to easily spray chemicals.




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