Parents of Sabrina Salerno: Full Details

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Sabrina Salerno can be described as an Italian singer, songwriter, record producer, model, actress and television presenter. Sabrina Salerno was born on March 15, 1968, and over the years, she has sold over 20 million records worldwide.

It must be noted that she has scored ten international hits, including three number ones. Sabrina Salerno is well-known for the 1987 single “Boys (Summertime Love). The single was able to top charts in a lot of countries some of which include France and Switzerland.

The single peaked at No. 3 in the United Kingdom and it must be noted that there was a provocative music video that accompanied the single.

Interestingly, the singe and its music video established Sabrina’s image as a sex symbol. Other popular recordings to the credit of Sabrina Salerno include “All of Me (Boy Oh Boy)”, “My Chico”, “Like a Yo-Yo”, “Gringo”, “Siamo donne” and a cover version of “Call Me”.

She was raised by her aunt in Genoa but later, she settled in Sanremo with her grandparents. That was when she was 15 years old and she also sang in the choir at church.

Sabrina Salerno won a beauty contest in  Liguria and then after, she started modeling. Her debut on television was in 1984 on the Italian prime-time show Premiatissima on Canale 5. She released her debut single, “Sexy Girl”, in 1986 and it was sung in English.

The single became a Top 20 hit in her native Italy and was a modest international success. Her first studio album,  Sabrina, was released in late 1987 and it had international breakthrough hit “Boys (Summertime Love)” (Number 1 in both France and Switzerland and Top 5 in more than ten other countries and “Hot Girl”, a Top 20 hit in some European countries.

Sabrina received the “Best European Singer” award during the Festivalbar event in 1988. Sabrina (1987), Over the Pop (1991), Maschio dove sei (1996), A Flower’s Broken (1999) and Erase/Rewind Official Remix (2008) form part of her discography.

Parents of Sabrina Salerno

Even though the names of her parents are not currently known, it is known that her father did not accept paternity and her mother was not around to take care of her.

It was her aunt who took care of her till she turned 5. Sabrina Salerno subsequently lived with her maternal grandparents in San Remo.

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