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Papa’s Pizza: Prices List, Menu And Contact Details.. May 2023

Pizza is a delicacy to quite a number of people because if well prepared, it can be really mouthwatering and tasty.

 Papa’s Pizza is one of the popular names in the pizza industry in Ghana, and it’s not surprising since they have been around for a long time.

Despite the delicious variety of pizza flavours, Papa’s pizza also has some pretty interesting dishes which they prepare which I know you will love.

They have a variety of rice dishes, chicken, beef amongst others.

Follow along as we enlist Papa’s menu, prices, and contact details.


Papa’s Pizza Menu And Prices In Ghana.

Papa’s has different kinds of dishes on its menu that gives customers a wide range of options to choose from.

See below Papa’s Pizza price list and their respective foods.

Pizza Menu.

Sweet Moments(This doesn’t contain pork). GHS 32.00
Extra cheese GHS 5.00
Deluxe GHS 36.00


GHS 33.00
Chicken Delight GHS 34.00
Vegetarian Supreme GHS 36.00
Hawaiian GHS  34.00
Calypso GHS  34.00
Peperoni Passion GHS  34.00
Sizzler GHS  32.00
Mixed Grill GHS  33.00
New Yorker GHS  33.00
Lovers Rock GHS  32.00
Papa’s Love GHS  32.00
Texas BBQ GHS  33.00
Americano GHS  33.00
Papa’s Special Regular

GHS  33.00

Freestyler Regular

GHS  34.00

Meat Eater Regular

GHS  34.00

BBQ Lovers Regular

GHS  35.00

Papa’s Full House Regular


GHS  40.00

Ghanaman Regular


GHS  32.00

Opana GHS  37.00
No Kissing Babe Regular


GHS  34.00

Papa’s Favourite GHS  38.00
Extra Meat GHS  40.00
Mighty Meat GHS  36.00
Extra Vegetables GHS  3.00
Bompata GHS  37.00
Monday Madness Regular


GHS  35.00


Rice Dishes.

Fried Rice and Pork Regular

GHS  27.00

Jollof Rice and Pork Regular

GHS  27.00

Vegetable Rice Only Regular

GHS  12.00

Plain Rice Only Regular

GHS  12.00

Fried Rice Only Regular

GHS  12.00



Barbeque Chicken Wings GHS  15.00
Piri Piri Chicken GHS  15.00
Spicy Barbeque Chicken Wings GHS  15.00
Garlic Pizza Bread GHS  14.00



Papa’s Chicken.

Fried Rice and Chicken GHS  27.00
Jollof Rice and Chicken GHS  27.00
Special Fried Rice GHS  8.00
Fried Rice and Beef Sauce GHS  27.00
Fried Rice and Chicken Sauce GHS  27.00
Jollof Rice and Beef Sauce GHS  27.00

Jollof Rice and Chicken Sauce

GHS 27.00
Vegetable Rice and Beef Sauce GHS  27.00
Vegetable Rice and Chicken Sauce GHS  27.00



Portion of Pork GHS  15.00



ST. Michael GHS  8.00
Tizzles Fruit Juice GHS  6.00


Papa’s Pizza Locations & Contact Details.

Papa’s Pizza has a number of branches in Accra. Here they are along with their contact:

Papa’s Pizza East Legon Branch –  020 636 8703, 024 431 5866

Papa’s Pizza Osu Branch – 026 635 6498, 026 635 6520

Papa’s Pizza Ringroad Branch – 024 115 0555.

Papa’s Pizza Tema Branch –056 127 8676

Papa’s Pizza Dome Branch –055 958 5887

Papa’s Pizza North Legon  Branch- 050 164 6784, 050 164 6785

Papa’s Spintex Branch- 050 2911720.


So, be sure to step into any of Papa’s branches in Accra and have a good taste of their dishes.

You can also contact them on any of the lines above.

Share this with family and friends. Thank you for reading.

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