Ovidiu lului Moldovan Cause of Death: Full Details

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Ovidiu Lului Moldovan was born on January 1, 1942, and could be described as a Romanian actor. In actual fact, Ovidiu Lului Moldovan is well known for his work in Romanian films as well as television roles.

Even though he had had considerable working time on television, he focused on theater and stage roles in the latter part of his career.

In 2004, for his contributions and exploits in Romania so far as acting is concerned, Ovidiu lului Moldovan was given the UNITER award; in respect of his career achievements as a Romanian actor.

His last theater role was in the Romanian play titled Celalalt Cloran meaning The Other Cloran. This was a play that was named after Emil Cloran, a Romanian philosopher. Ovidiu Lului Moldovan was posthumously appointed Moldovan Knight of the Order of the Star of Romania on March 15, 2008.

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Ovidiu lului Moldovan Cause of Death

Ovidiu Lului Moldovan was 66 years of age when he died. He died at the University Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. It is known that he died on March 12, 2008. Ovidiu lului Moldovan was subsequently buried at the Bellu Cemetery. He died of cancer .

Films By Ovidiu lului Moldovan

Over the years, Ovidiu lului Moldovan has featured or made appearances in a lot of films and other productions. Some of these films are 1978 – Breakdown – Christ, 1978 – Above All, 1979 – Between parallel mirrors, 1979 – A Man in loden, 1979 – Cumpana, 1980 – The Artist, the Dollars and the Transylvanians, 1980 – Poor Ioanide, 1981 – The baby, oil and Transylvania, 1981 – The Castle in the Carpathians, 1981 – Detachment “Concordia” and 1981 – The Duel.

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Others are 1992 – Crystallines nyhtes, 1994 – The Sleep of the Island, 1994 – Crystal Nights, directed by Tonia Marketaki ( Greece ), 1996 – Craii de Curtea Veche, 1996 – Bloody Christmas, directed by Claudio Nasso ( Canada production ) and 1999 – Years of our youth (1999) – storyteller.

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The likes of 1982 – The Sign of the Serpent, 1982 – The meeting, 1982 – Conquest of England, 1983 – Dangerous turn, 1983 – Mysteries of Bucharest, 1983 – Action Zuzuc, directed by Gheorghe Naghi, 1984 – A patch of sky, 1984 – I want to know why I have wings, 1984 – Justice in Chains, 1984 – Horea, 1985 – The migratory birds arrive and 1985 – The Silver Mask also form part of the collection of films that Ovidiu lulus Moldovan has featured in.

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