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Otto Wernicke was a German actor. He was born on September 30, 1893, and he was well known for the role he played in the films titled  M and The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. In those films, he played the role of police inspector Karl Lohmann. It must be noted that he however died on November 7, 1965.

Otto Wernicke was known to have married a Jewish woman. He had special permits from the Reich Chamber of Culture and that gave him the opportunity to go ahead working in Germany after the Nazi Party took power in 1933. Prior to his death, Otto Wernicke was featured in several films in which he played different roles.

Some of the films he was featured in include Girls You Don’t Marry (1923), Wo Menschen Frieden finden (1923), The Searching Soul (1925), Mrs Worrington’s Perfume (1925) – Philipp Worrington, The Gambling Den of Montmartre (1928) – Der Apache, M (1931) – Inspector Karl Lohmann, Storms of Passion (1932) – Police Commissioner, Nacht der Versuchung (1932), Peter Voss, Thief of Millions (1932) – Pitt, The Bartered Bride (1932) – Kezal – Heiratsvermittler, The Naked Truth (1932) – Karl, Lokomotivführer, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933) – Inspector Karl Lohmann, Die blonde Christl (1933) – Franz Lechner and S.A.-Mann Brand (1933) – Herr Brand.

Others are Achtung! Wer kennt diese Frau? (1934) – Thomas Burger, The Switched Bride (1934) – Der Gefängnisdirektor, Master of the World (1934) – Wolter, Oberingenieur,Stupid Mama (1934) – Inspektor Beneke, Between Heaven and Earth (1934) – Motz, Schieferbruchbesitzer, Peer Gynt (1934) – Parker, Knockout (1935) – P. F. Schmidtchen, Ein ganzer Kerl (1935) – Eckhardt, Wiegemeister, The Valiant Navigator (1935) – Bäckermeister Holm and Hangmen, Women and Soldiers (1935) – Pieter Timm.

Otto Wernicke’s Biography, Wikipedia

The details of Otto Wernicke are available on Wikipedia.

Otto Wernicke’s Age, Birth Date

Otto Wernicke was born on September 30, 1893. He was 72 years old at the time of his death. He died on November 7, 1965.

Otto Wernicke’s Height, Weight

His height and weight are unavailable

Otto Wernicke’s Net Worth

His net worth is valued at $ 1 million

Otto Wernicke’s Parents

Details about his parents are currently not available.

Otto Wernicke’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

He was married but the name of the wife is yet to be updated. However, she was said to be Jewish. Actress Annemarie Wernicke was the daughter of Otto Wernicke.

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