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Otto Gebühr was a German theatre and film actor who was born on May 29, 1877. Before he died on March 13, 1954, he was said to have made appearances in over 102 films. The 102 films were from 1917 to 1954. He was born in Kettwig in the Rhine Province to a merchant.

With respect to education, Otto Gebühr attended the gymnasium secondary school in Cologne. He had drama lessons and it must be noted that his acting career was at the Görlitz city theatre.

He became a member of the Königliches Hoftheater Dresden in 1898. He became a Lieutenant in the German Army. Subsequently, Otto Gebühr worked at the  Deutsches Theater in Berlin with director Max Reinhardt. He played a role in the historical drama The Dancer Barberina.

He also performed in The Great King (German: Der Große König), a 1942 German wartime propaganda film directed by Veit Harlan. Some of the films he played roles in include Die Vase der Semirames (1918), Sündiges Blut (1919), Verrat und Sühne (1919), The Girl from Acker Street (1920), Der Menschheit Anwalt (1920), Three Nights (1920), Whitechapel (1920), The Dancer Barberina (1920), Evening – Night – Morning (1920), The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920), Ships and People (1920), The Fear of Women (1921), The Raft of the Dead (1921) and The Terror of the Red Mill (1921).

Others are Der Gang durch die Hölle (1921), Treasure of the Aztecs (1921), The Shadow of Gaby Leed (1921), A Dying Nation (1922, two parts), Fridericus Rex (1922-23, four parts), William Tell (1923), The Money Devil (1923), The Burning Secret (1923), Gobseck (1924) and The New Land (1924).

Otto Gebühr’s Age, Birth Date

Otto Gebühr was born on May 29, 1877, and died at the age of 76.

Otto Gebühr’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details and biography can be accessed via Wikipedia.

Otto Gebühr’s Height, Weight

Details about his height and weight are currently not available.

Otto Gebühr’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

Otto Gebühr was married twice. He married Doris Kruger and had a child with her. He also had a child with Cornelia Bertha Julius. His children are Michael Gebühr and Hilde Gebühr.

Otto Gebühr’s Parents

His parents were Otto Gebühr and Fanny Mathilde Moll.

Otto Gebühr’s Net Worth

His net worth is not available on his Wikipedia page

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