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Journalist Olivia Kortas, a Polish-German, is well known for her groundbreaking reporting. Kortas’s name is well-known in the journalistic world thanks to her diverse educational background and unwavering commitment to her craft.


Throughout her academic career, Kortas was particularly interested in communication sciences and psychology. At Munich’s prestigious Ludwig Maximilian University, she pursued her further studies, furthering her understanding of interpersonal dynamics and communication styles.

Olivia Kortas’s love of journalism and her insatiable curiosity about new things allowed her to expand her horizons even more. She went on to study at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus and the University of Utrecht before entering the profession of international journalism.

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This multidisciplinary educational approach gave her a comprehensive understanding of global issues as well as the abilities needed to effectively communicate them.


Olivia Kortas is a journalist who has gained recognition for her unique and compelling focus. Her reporting is concentrated on significant topics such as nationalism, migration, crises, and the intricate dynamics of Central and Eastern Europe. Due to her commitment to raising awareness of these pressing issues, she has traveled to many different corners of the world.

As a journalist, Kortas has visited several challenging locations, including Uganda, Kenya, Russia, Iraq, and Ukraine. People’s understanding of the world around them has expanded as a result of her on-the-ground reporting, which has provided incisive facts about complex circumstances.

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For Kortas, the years she spent living in Warsaw from 2018 to 2021 were important to her career. During this period, she delved deeply into divisive topics, writing about the passionate resistance to stricter abortion restrictions, the socioeconomic ramifications of elections, and difficult judicial reform. Her fearless reporting tackled significant subjects that shaped public opinion.

It has not gone unnoticed that Olivia Kortas writes with ability. Among the prestigious publications she frequently writes to are The Economist, Al Jazeera English, Die Zeit, Der Standard, F.A.Z., F.A.S., Tygodnik Powszechny, De Groene Amsterdammer, and De Standaard. Her insightful essays have appeared in these esteemed magazines, educating and informing their readers in the process.

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Korstas works in broadcast journalism in addition to print journalism. She has increased her radio and television audience reach thanks to her collaborations with MDR and Deutsche Welle.

Olivia Kortas Age

Through our research, Olivia Kortas was born in 1995 in Munich. She is currently 28 years of age. Although her birth day and month are unknown.




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