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Olaf Fønss can be described as a Danish actor, director, producer and film censor. He was born on October 17, 1888, but died on March 11, 1949. Not only was Olaf Fønss an accomplished actor, director, producer and film censor; but without a doubt, he was considered one of Denmark and Germany’s biggest stars so far as the silent film era was concerned.

It must be noted that Olaf Fønss became popular and a household name due to the role he played in the 1913 Danish classic, Atlantis. He was subsequently seen as a top matinee idol after his exploits in the 1916 German science fiction series titled Homunculus.

He played the role of an artificial creature in that science fiction series. It must be noted that in the 1930s, he worked on two films for Denmark’s Socialdemokratiske Parti(Social Democracy Party). The films were Den Store Dag(1930) and Under Den Gamie Fane(1932).

Olaf Fonss served as the President of the Danish Actor’s Union from 1933 to 1947. He was also a censor for the National Film Censor of Denmark and he served in that capacity for 14 years. Actors Johannes and Aage Fonss are his siblings. Olaf Fønss was featured in some films before he died and he also directed some films.

Some of the films he made appearances in include 1913: Atlantis, 1914: Lay down your weapons! (Ned Med Vaabnene), 1916: The Last Judgment (Verdens Fall), 1916: Homunculus (six parts), 1918: The Day of Vengeance (Dommens dag), 1918: Bayadzer, 1921: The Walk into the Night, 1921: The Indian Tomb, 1923: The Unknown Tomorrow, 1925: When two love each other (Fra Piazza del Popolo), 1926: The Orphan of Lowood, 1926: Peaks, 1929: I live for you, and 1929: The Strange Past of Thea Carter.



Olaf Fønss ‘ Age,Birth Date.

He was born on October 17, 1888, but died on March 11, 1949. He was 61 years old at the time of his death

Olaf Fønss ‘ Biography, Wikipedia

Details and biography of Olaf Fønss are available on Wikipedia.

Olaf Fønss ‘ Height, Weight,

Details about the height and weight of Olaf Fønss are yet to be updated

Olaf Fønss ‘ Net worth

The net worth of Olaf Fønss is currently not available.

Olaf Fønss ‘ Parents

He was born to a school administrator and organist William Lars Clement Fønss and his wife Henriette Volffine Mathea Fønss-Zimmermann.

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Olaf Fønss ‘ Girlfriend, Wife

He was married twice. The ladies he married were actress Thilda Elisabeth Lilja Johnsen and to Else Dorthea Bast.

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Olaf Fønss ‘ Children

Information on the children of Olaf Fønss is yet to be updated.

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