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Odo Guenzi was born on July 1, 1986 in Bologna. He is popularly known as the singer of Lo Stato Sociale” and he is also an actor. He was born to Alberto who taught Economic History at the University of Parma and also served as director of the Economics department.

The mother of Odo Guenzi is a judge. When Odo Guenzi graduated from classical high school, he studied “dramatic art” equipping him for the writing and acting in plays. Odo Guenzi has always been a basketball fan and he was the only son of his parents.

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Odo Guenzi was involved in the art of painting when he was 11 years old and he replicated some works of great artists and his parents decided to organize some exhibitions for him. At age 13, he made a switch from painting to music and his parents bought a guitar for him.

He also had the opportunity to play the piano in his middle school music room. He had his education at the classical high school in Bologna. He started studying acting at the Nico Pepe Academy of Dramatic Art and then became an actor.

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While at the Nico Pepe Academy of Dramatic Art, he performed in a number of some theatrical performances. Odo Guenzi worked as a DJ at the local radio station Radiocittà Fujiko in Bolgna and while on the radio, he came into contact with Alberto Guidetti (Bebo) and Alberto Cazzola (Albi).

Lo Stato Sociale was born in 2009 and later Francesco Draicchio (Checco) and Enrico Roberto (Carota) joined the group in 2011. The first album released by Lo Stato Sociale was “Turisti della Democracy” in 2012.

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While with Lo Stato Sociale, Odo Guenzi released three more albums and wrote two books; “The Movement is Still”, from 2016 published by Rizzoli, and “Sesso, drugs and Work”, from 2019 for Il Saggiatore.

Odo Guenzi Girlfriend

Currently, there is no update on the girlfriend of Odo Guenzi.

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