Norbert Rier Cause Of Death: All You Need To Know

By | July 5, 2023

What is Norbert Rier cause of death? Is Norbert Rier dead? Read on as we provide answers to all the relevant questions you may have about Norbert Rier and the cause of his death if he is indeed dead.

Who Is Norbert Rier? 

Norbert Rier is a South Tyrolean singer and farmer born on April 14, 1960 in Kasetelruth. He is widely known as a singer of the music band Kastelruther Spatzen where his role is as a singer and frontman.

Although he is a farmer by profession, Rier has demonstrated how talented he is and has made a name for himself as a singer despite not having any musical background.

Rier has demonstrated his singing prowess over the years and has won the hearts of many with his stage craft and vocals. He was honored in 2007 with the Cross of Merit of the State of Tyrol.

Away from music, Rier is an animal farmer, specifically a Haflinger breeder. He started breeding Haflinger in 1990 with three Haflinger fillies which has now multiplied to over 200.

His farm is big enough that he is able to sell his horses. According to him, one of his dreams is to be able to rear quality Haflingers that will be able to reproduce good offsprings.

He also managed to publish his autobiography in 2006 titled “Norbert Rier – Thank you fans! The authentic autobiography of the Kastelruther Spatzen boss”.

What Is Norbert Rier Cause Of Death? 

Norbert Rier is very much alive and well as of July 2023. He still goes about his daily activities as a singer and a farmervand showing no signs of giving up on his life anytime soon.

Disregard any rumours that suggest the Kastelruther Spatzen frontman is dead because he is still very much alive and well as of July 2023.

How Old Is Norbert Rier? 

Norbert Rier is 63 years old as of 2023. He was born on April 14, 1960 in Kastelruth.

The 63 year old singer and farmer is still very healthy and looks way younger than his age.

Norbert Rier Wife 

Norbert Rier got married in 1983 to his wife, Isabella Rier and the two don’t look like giving up on their love anytime soon.

Their marriage of over thirty years has produced four children.

Norbert Rier Children 

Rier has four children with his wife, Isabella. They are Alexander, born in 1985, Marion, born in 1983, Andreas, born in 1989 and Anna, born in 1993.

He has managed to introduce his children to music and even went as far as recording separate songs with each of them. He recorded “Between you and me” with Alexander, “Che bella la vita” with Marion, “Mein Papa und ich” with Anna and “In the sky of longing” with Andreas.

His son, Alexander is also a musician by profession and has so far released six studio albums.

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