Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Nike sues BAPE for trademark infringement. May 2023

One of the leading fashion brands in the world, Nike is suing another fashion brand, BAPE for trademark infringement. Nike accuses BAPE of pirating their trade desigs for Airforce 1, Air Jordan 1 and Dunk Sneakers. 

Accordidng to  Nike’s preliminary statement in the trademark lawsuit, BAPE is one of the dupicators whose infringements have become a significant danger to their rights.

Nike accuses BAPE of cpoying their iconic designs. These designs include the BAPE STA, BAPE STA Mid, SK8 STA, COURT STA High and COURT STA. 

These BAPE designs are vebatim duplicates of Nike’s Airforce 1, Air Jordan 1 and Dunk Sneaker designs. 

Nike initially met with BAPE in 2009 to address the issue of dupication and BAPE made its designs to less resemble that of Nike’s but in 2021 Nike noticed that the introduction of the BAPE STA was a cause for worry as it is the ecxact replica of the aforementioned designs. 

In conclusion, Nike is suing BAPE for a trademark infringement and for BAPE to account for all profits earned from selling duplicated versions of Nike designs and are demanding an award of three times the amount of compensatory damages and increased profits. 

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