Niclas Füllkrug Injury. Full details

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A well-known figure in German football, Niclas Füllkrug is renowned for both his extraordinary on-field abilities and his incredible path from a youthful, ambitious athlete to an important member of many Bundesliga clubs. He plays as a forward for the German national team and the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

Early Life

Niclas Füllkrug was born in Hannover, Germany, on February 9, 1993. He was passionate about football as a child. He began playing the sport at an early age, practicing on neighborhood youth teams. His commitment and innate ability were quickly recognized, and he soon started his professional career.


Füllkrug began playing youth football at TuS Garbsen, where he showed promise as a striker. He was a potential prospect because of his ability to read the game and score goals. Scouts from professional teams noticed him as he kept improving, which led to the next phase of his football career.

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Niclas Füllkrug joined Werder Bremen in 2011 and made his professional debut. This was a pivotal point in his career because he was joining a German football team with a long history. It was officially his first season in the Bundesliga, and it was only a matter of time until he left his imprint.

Füllkrug’s goal-scoring record over the seasons demonstrated his value to Werder Bremen. He was respected by teammates and fans alike for his consistent ability to find the back of the goal. During his tenure at the club, he developed as a player and acquired priceless Bundesliga experience.

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Niclas Füllkrug moved to Hannover 96 in 2016, another team with a long history in football. With this move, he was able to further his growth in the German league and demonstrate his skills to a larger group of people.

Füllkrug’s stay with Hannover 96 was characterized by standout performances and a rise in his goal total. He made a name for himself as a consistent striker who could win important games. His reputation in German football was cemented by his unwavering work ethic and drive on the field, which won over supporters.

Borussia Dortmund, a Bundesliga team, formally announced the signing of Niclas Füllkrug on August 31, 2023. The club and the skilled striker agreed on a three-year deal that allegedly cost €13 million, with an extra €2 million in possible add-ons. In a thrilling 3-1 victory over Hoffenheim on the road, Füllkrug made his debut for Borussia Dortmund with a spectacular goal on September 29, a little under a month later.

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Niclas Füllkrug gained prominence internationally as a result of his outstanding club achievements. 2018 saw him make his debut for the German national team, demonstrating his commitment to the game and his ability as a football player.

Niclas Füllkrug injury

Füllkrug experienced a fair amount of difficulties, including wounds. He had to overcome several obstacles over his career, demonstrating resiliency and willpower. However, as of publishing, Füllkrug is not injured.


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