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Norbert Zerbs, also known as Niclas Castello, is a well-known contemporary artist from Germany. His artistic journey has been shaped by a wide range of experiences and influences, which have helped to define his unique style and contributions to the art world.

Early Life

Niclas Castello was raised in this area after being born in Neuhaus am Rennweg, East Germany, in 1978. His upbringing was shaped by his hometown, which also probably had an impact on his sense of aesthetics.


Niclas Castello made the significant choice to pursue his artistic career by enrolling in a private university. Even though information about his exact academic path is still lacking, it is known that he ultimately decided to stop taking formal art classes after only two years. This choice highlighted his desire to independently develop his distinctive artistic voice and marked a significant turning point in his life.

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Castello left the university and started an extraordinary journey. He traveled to Paris’s Montmartre, where he would have encountered the neighborhood’s vibrant artistic and cultural scene. His perspective on art was probably influenced by this experience. His subsequent relocation to New York City, though, would prove to be a turning point in his professional life.

Arleen Schloss provided Niclas Castello with support and creative ideas while he was in New York City. He spent about two years in Schloss’ loft in New York, a time when he could fully immerse himself in the city’s thriving art scene. Castello’s artistic development during this time may have been greatly influenced by Arleen Schloss, a notable artist and performer in her own right.

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From 2008 to 2015, Niclas Castello traveled across the Atlantic, working with museums and galleries in both Europe and America. His life during this time was characterized by discovery, experimentation, and artistic growth.

The work of Niclas Castello reveals a wide range of influences and themes. He has credited the musician “Invader” as a significant inspiration. In Castello’s body of work, there is a stunning sculpture series called “The Kiss,” as well as pieces that are centered on fire extinguishers. These pieces showcase his unique viewpoint and the subjects that speak to him personally as an artist.

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Niclas Castello Family

There is no known information about Niclas Castello’s family. He always keeps his family out of the public.

Personal Life

Niclas Castello married Sylvie Meis, a Dutch TV personality and the former partner of football player Rafael van der Vaart. They exchanged vows on September 19, 2020, in Florence, Italy. However, it was reported that the couple went their separate ways in June 2023, marking a significant development in Castello’s personal life.


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