Networking Companies In Ghana (Computer Networking Companies)

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Computer Networking Companies

The principal focus of the tech industry is to make things work at ease. Things that were not possible some decades ago, are possible now. Thanks to the tech industry! 

The rapid emergence of many tech companies across the world is enough to let us know that, things are going to be much more easier in the future.

Many of these tech companies are breaking into new markets such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and more.

Benefits Of Computer Networking Companies

Computer networking companies are one of the many companies you can find in the tech industry. One way or the other, almost every one have benefitted from computer networking.

Computer networking is basically the connecting of two or more computers to share data, information, resources, etc.

Computer networking companies are involved in the sharing of data, information, resources, hardware, software, and etc. 

For instance: one can access the database of an organization remotely, rapid interpersonal communication, e-commerce (purchasing almost everything online is possible now) and several others. These are achieved through computer networks.

The roles of computer networking companies in businesses today, cannot be overlooked.

Computer Networking Companies In Ghana 

Please check the list of the top computer networking companies in Ghana below. 

CodeWeb Company Limited

CodeWeb Company Limited is one of the top computer networking companies in Ghana. CodeWeb Co. Ltd offer services to both small businesses and large enterprises. 

Their packages include: 

IT Consulting Services ( agile & devops, digital marketing & seo, staff augmentation, business automation, it outsourcing )

Product Engineering ( product development, architecture & design, application modernization, legacy system migration, application development)

Digital Transformation ( enterprise mobility, web application, experience design, data science & analytics, artificial intelligence)

Location: Nii Adote Obour Street, Abolo bridge – Accra

Contact Information: Email: [email protected] or Phone number: +233-030-233-6324. 

Zentech IT Solutions Limited

Zentech IT Solutions Limited ensure that, their clients get the best services they need at the highest level. 

Zentech IT Solutions Limited offer their clients the following services: it consultancy, e-commerce, networking solutions, software / application development, website development, information security, biometric systems and Data Management, Managed IT Services, IT Staffing, Bulk SMS/ IVR and IT Training.

Location: Tsuianna Plaza, No 7 Oshimpa Lake Accra, North Kaneshie.

Contact Information: Email: [email protected] or Phone number: +233.0302.26.86.50 / 0302.98.50.13 / 0501304161.

Rancard Solution 

Location: No. 37 3rd Crescent Asylum Down Accra 

Contact Information: Email: [email protected] or Phone number: +233 302 782 669.

Abuba networking center

Location: Kumasi-Techiman, Accra

Contact Information: 055 654 6293

Logiciel Ghana

Location: Coco Vanilla, East legon, Trassaco Road, Ghana 

Contact Information: +233 302742928 

Aviat Networks

Location: Castle Road, Accra

Contact Information: 030 276 3927

Quitech IT Supports Ghana Ltd.

Location: Nii Koo Loop 20

Contact Information: 055 570 2150

Dream oval

Location: Crystal Plaza, Lashibi, Ghana. 

Contact Information: Phone number: (+233) 303-411045 or Email: [email protected] 

ComSys Ghana Limited

Location: 5th Cres, Accra

Contact Information: 057 761 9000

eSack-Easy Solutions

Address: Awudome Estates.

Contact Information: 054 899 6607

Akef Technologies

Location: 2nd Street Justice A.

Contact Information: 050 322 5669


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