Nasser al Sonbaty Cause of Death: Full Details

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Nasser al Sonbaty was born on October 15, 1960. He was an IFBB professional bodybuilder and most of the time, he represented Yugoslavia at major events and competitions. It must be noted that the professional career of Nasser al Sonbaty as a bodybuilder started in 1983.

However, his first competition was in 1985; Junior State Championship that was held in Germany. In that competition, he placed sixth. His first ever appearance at Mr. Olympia’s competition was in 1994 where he placed 7th.

As a matter of fact, Nasser al Sonbaty was able to compete in about 13 amateur shows and a total of 53 IFBB Pro Shows. Quite impressive of Nasser al Sonbaty, he was able to qualify for Mr.Olympia for 10 consecutive times. He entered the Mr.Olympia competition 9 times and in 1997, he recorded his best performance when he placed 2nd.

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Nasser al Sonbaty was synonymous with posing and training and always dressed up in his trademark round spectacles. He was quite fluent in different languages, a reason he had the nickname ‘ The Professor’.

Nasser al Sonbaty Cause of Death

Nasser El Sonbaty died on March 20, 2013. He was 47 years old at the time of his death and he was reported to have died due to malaria which degenerated into kidney failure.

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Competitions and Positions

As already mentioned, Nasser al Sonbaty took part in several competitions. Some of the competitions he took part in and his performance are 1990 Grand Prix Finland, 8th, 1990 Grand Prix France, 7th, 1990 Grand Prix Holland, 8th, 1991 Night of Champions, Did not place, 1992 Chicago Pro Invitational, 19th, 1992 Night of Champions, Did not place, 1993 Grand Prix France, 3rd, 1993 Grand Prix Germany, 3rd, 1994 Grand Prix France, 4th, 1994 Grand Prix Germany, 4th and 1994 Night of Champions, 2nd.

Others are 1994 Mr. Olympia, 7th, 1995 Grand Prix England, 4th, 1995 Grand Prix France, 3rd, 1995 Grand Prix Germany, 3rd, 1995 Grand Prix Russia, 3rd, 1995 Grand Prix Spain, 3rd, 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine, 2nd and 1995 Houston Pro Invitational, 1st.

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Training Videos

While alive, Nasser al Sonbaty had some training videos on bodybuilding. Some of these videos were Nasser On The Way – Video Part I – 1999, Nasser On The Way – Video Part II – 2000, Nasser On The Way – Video Part III – 2001, Nasser On The Way – Video Part IV – 2002, Nasser On The Way – Video Part V – 2003, Nasser On The Way – Video Part VI – 2004 and Nasser On The Way – Video Part VII – 2005.


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