Nursing Assistant Preventive Salary In Ghana


Do you want to become a nurse assistant? If yes, then you ought to know the salary you may receive at the end of every month to give you a better view of the profession you’re venturing into.

In Ghana, Nurse assistants are trained under a two-year programme in any of the accredited health training institutions in the country.

After the course, students who passed  well are awarded a Certificate which they can use to enrol into any of the nursing colleges in Ghana if they ant to further their education

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You must be dying to know how much Nurse Assistants earn in Ghana. People mostly seek this sort of information mostly when they want to pursue a career in that field.

Clearly, when you compare the salary of a nurse assistant to that of a general nurses,  it is comparatively low but this is the minimum wage therefore it implies that, they could earn more based on a lot of factors.

Composition Of Nursing Assitant Salary

  1. SS Market Premium
  2. Single Spine Salary
  3. Covid-19 Income Tax Waiver

Deductions Of Nursing Assistant Salary 

1. Social Security Contribution (SSNIT)
2. Income Tax
3. Nurses Fund Union Deduction
4. Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNA) Dues
5. SIC Policy Fund (Optional)
6. Nurse Building Levy Deductions

In determining the salary of Nurse Assistants, several factors come into play of which some are:
1. Work Experience
2. Qualification
3. Facility of Service
4. Rank in the nursing field

Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant

A registered Nurse assistant performs a lot of roles in the clinic and the community. Some of them are:
1. Collaboration with other health care workers in patient assessment, planning, implementation, interventions and treatment.
2. They teach patients and family on disease prevention, personal hygiene, appropriate behavior etc
3. Undertake and demonstrate basic nursing tasks in the best interest of the patient with or without supervision.

Nurse Assistants Salary In The Public Sector

This is what Nursing Assistants in the Public Sector receive. A registered Nurse Assistant in Ghana who works for the Government earns an average monthly salary of GHc 1172.00.

This may be lower or sometimes higher compared to those in the Private Sector. This is an estimated amount after all charges have been deducted.

Nurse Assistants Salary In The Private Sector

A registered Nurse Assistant working in the private sector is expected to receive an amount of GHc 900 as a monthly salary after all charges have been deducted. This may vary depending on the type of hospital the person works in.

NB: However, a Nurse Assistant in either the Private or Public sector may not enjoy only her monthly salary, but may receive in addition some financial bonuses that comes directly from the facility he or she is working with.
Even though, the salary  looks manageable, the high cost of living in the country may cause Nurse Assistants to opt for a second Job or involve themselves in some other business.

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