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There’s no way you can list the top 10 education colleges in Ghana without giving Mount Mary College Of Education a slot. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about this prestigious school.


Mount Mary College of Education was established in 1947 by the American Catholic SVD Missionaries at Agomanya in between the Eastern Region and Greater Accra Region.

Starting with only 23 boys, the school was called Mount Mary Teachers Training College. It offered the students Certificate B programs. As the years went by, the college saw the need to expand so it moved to its current premises in 1950 which was officially established on the 8th day of December 1951.

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In January 1953, a Certificate A program was introduced in the school together with a 2-year program to offer a Certificate A to Students-Teachers External Certificate holders. Some of these programs, however, didn’t stay for long.

All programs were eliminated leaving only the Certificate A program. The school now offers a 4-year basic school Bachelor of Education degree program. The school also offers a 4-year degree program in French and English.

Currently, the school is located in Somaya in the Eastern-Accra Regional zone. It has modern facilities to enhance proper teaching and learning. The teachers are brilliant and deliver to their maximum capacity.

They have a beautiful campus decorated with lawns and trees providing enough beauty and shade for students to hang around during breaks. The school has a well-spaced hall and hostel rooms to accommodate students.

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Considering sports and exercising, the college has football parks and volleyball courts for practicing such activities.

The College has a Motto ‘Virtus et Scientia’ which is a Latin expression and translates as ‘Character and Knowledge’

Mount Mary College Of Education – Departments 

  1. Education department
  2. Mathematics department
  3. Science Department
  4. Languages Department

NB: These are the four main departments in the school. However, there are other four minor departments.

Programs Offered At Mount Mary College Of Education 

  1. Bachelor in Mathematics ( Basic School)
  2. Bachelor in Science (Basic School)
  3. Bachelor in Early Childhood Education
  4. Technical and Vocational Skills.

The school also runs a four-year degree program in French and Ghanaian Language
English and Ghanaian Language
Social Studies and History
RME and Music

Mount Mary College Of Education Admission

Interested students who want to gain admission into Mount Mary College of Education are to pick and fill an online form if they meet eligibility requirements which include;

For WASSCE Candidates

Minimum score or credits ( A1-C6) in six subjects including Maths, English and Science/Social, and any three electives.

For SSSCE Candidates

Minimum score or credits (A-D) in six subjects including Maths, English, and Science/Social and any three electives.
All candidates who are awaiting their WASSCE results can also apply.

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