Mirja Boes Husband: All You Need To Know

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Mirja Boes is a German comedian, actress, and singer. She was born on September 13, 1971, in Viersen. She had her education at the  Dülken Municipal School.

She completed in 1991 and then furthered her education at the University of Düsseldorf and at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig.

She was a member of the theater company ‘Compagnia 82’ in 1994 and later in 1996, she joined ‘Die Fabulösen Thekenschlampen’ and she played in the improvisational theatre ‘Frizzles’.

Mirja Boes performed in the nightclub Upper Bavaria in Palma de Mallorca and released her first single.

For the performance at the night club, she used the stage name Möhre. The second single of Mirja Boes, “Wir ham doch keine Zeit …” was released in 2003.

She was also a member of the Mallorca All-Stars and alongside her music career, she worked as a presenter for RTL II.

With regards to her music career, she is one artist that works on comedic party music and she has also released tracks of spoken comedy.

Mirja Boes was the winner of the 2007 German Comedy Award as a member of the ensemble of ‘Frei Schnauze’ (Best Comedy Show), and the 2008 German Comedy Award (Best Comedian).

She has been regular on television since 2002 alongside comedians such as Ralf Schmitz, Mathias Schlung (from 2006), and Markus Majowski.

She has appeared on TV total, Elton.tv, Anke Late Night, Open Muzzle, Clueless Genius, and the Gong Show as a guest. She played a role in the feature film Siegfried alongside Tom Gerhardt and also played a role in a comedy adaptation of Impy’s Island.

Mirja Boes was the host of Karaoke Showdown from December 2006 to May 2007, and was also cast for the RTL series Angie from 2006 to 2008.

Mirja Boes Husband

The net worth of Mirja Boes is about $250,000. She stands at 1.68 meters and she is currently 51 years old. In 1999, Mirja Boes was dating Rocco Siffredi .

He is a 59 year-old pornstar. Rocco Siffredi was born on May 4, 1964, in n Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy and he is quite known for The Dangerous Sex Date.

He has starred in more than 1,300 pornographic films. He has two sons with Rosa Caracciolo, a Hungarian model.

His sons are Lorenzo and Leonardo.  As of now, Mirja Boes is believed to be single and not dating anyone.

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