Miriam Maertens Husband: Full Details

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There have been a lot of searches online about the husband of Miriam Maertens. But is she married? Who is the husband of Miriam Maertens? How long has Miriam Maertens been married?

In this write up, we will be finding out about the husband of Miriam Maertens (if any).

Who Is Miriam Maertens? 

Miriam Maertens is a veteran German actress born in 1970 in Hamburg into a renowned family of actors and actresses. Her father, Peter Maertens was a renowned German actor as well as her paternal grandparents, Willy Maertens and Charlotte Kramm.

She has two older brothers named Michael Maertens and Kai Maertens who are also pursuing careers in the German film industry as actors. Miriam Maertens got involved in acting at a young age hugely because of the family she was born into.

She fell in love with the whole idea of becoming an actress when she was just a girl and ended up beginning her career at the Thalia Theater. Despite being a natural, Maertens took acting lessons at the Hedi Höpfner School.

After making her debut at the Thalia Theater at the age of 18, Maertens went on to perform at a number of theaters such as the Renaissance Theater (Berlin), Theater Freiburg, Stadttheater Bern, Bremen Theater, Schaubühne Berlin, etc.

She is known for her performance in plays like The Ideal Man, Platonow, Destruction of the People or My Liver is Senseless, Tartuffe, etc. 

Maertens has also appeared in a number of films and TV series over the years although her focus has been in theater. Her list of films and TV series include Test drive to paradise (1993), The Watch (2000), Requiem for a Friend (2021), The air to breathe (2022),etc. 

She has been so dedicated to her carer that she even decided to hide her health issues from the public because she feared it will affect her career.

She published her autobiography in 2018 titled “Let’s put it off until tomorrow: how I cheated death”. In the book, she spoke about her health issues and how she had to go in for a new lung due to the cystic fibrosis she battled with since she was born.

Who Is Miriam Maertens Husband? Is She Married? 

The love or marriage life of actress Miriam Maertens has been a mystery. Although she has a son and from a well known family, we are unable to confirm at the moment whether she is married or not.

She has been very private when it comes to that aspect of her life. As a result, we do not know for a fact whether she is still with the father of her son or not.

We will keep tabs on her and update this write up as and when further investigations brings up new revelations about her love life.

Does Miriam Maertens Have Any Children? 

Yes. Maertens has a son named Joshua. She revealed in her autobiography in 2018 about the challenges she faced during her pregnancy but was able to give birth to her son alive and healthy.

Unfortunately for her, her health became worse after her son was born because she was already suffering from cystic fibrosis since she was born. She then had a lung transplant shortly after her son was born.

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