Minority Calls On Government To Take Swift Steps In Reopening Ghana’s Boarders. May 2022

The minority caucus in parliament is calling on Ghana’s president; Akuffo-Addo to establish a state of normalcy though the COVID-19 pandemic has not been fully swept out.

The Government of Ghana during the intense state of the COVID-19 pandemic had closed Ghana’s boarder and restricted movement in and out of the country as a measure of emergency. The land  boarders has been closed to goods since March, 2020.

However, the minority caucus believe it is time the government reopens the land boarders to allow goods into the country. According them, it shall establish normalcy in the country.

While speaking to the media in parliament, the Minority Leader; Haruna Iddrisu stated that; “…we are calling on Akufo-Addo, supported by the Health Minister and Minister for Interior to take urgent practical steps for the reopening of Ghana’s land borders to allow for free flow of persons and goods across ECOWAS and the rest of the word. Post COVID, we are not out of the woods yet but we want to see a return to normalcy with the movement of goods and services through our borders and therefore whatever proactive measures government needs to take.”

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He also emphasized that the government has no better excuse to keep the land boarders closed.”There can be no justification for the continues closure of Ghana’s land borders, therefore, as a minority, our primary concern is to call on the president as chair of ECOWAS to do that which is needful to give meanings to the resolution he chaired for ECOWAS to pass,” Haruna said.




Minority Calls On Government To Take Swift Steps In Reopening Ghana's Boarders 1



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