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Milan Ivey Siblings: Meet All His Nine Siblings. June 2023

Milan Ivey Siblings: who are Milan Ivey siblings? How many siblings does Milan Ivey have? Who is Milan Ivey sister? A lot of people are interested in knowing about the siblings of Milan Ivey hence in this write up, we will provide you with all the information there is to know about his siblings.

But before that, who is Milan Ivey? What do we know about the Milan Christopher Ivey?

Who Is Milan Ivey? 

Milan Ivey is an American rapper and actor born to American rapper, Artis Leon Ivey, popularly known as Coolio. Coolio died in September 2022 but is survived by ten children, including Milan Ivey.

Milan was born in 1995/1996 to Coolio and his ex-wife, Josefa who is a big fan of her son. He appears to be a mama’s boy as he receives a lot of hype from his mother on instagram as compared to his other siblings.

Milan is indeed a son of his father and has music running through his veins as he follows the steps of his late father. He started his musical career few years before his father passed away and shared the stage with him on a few occasions before he died. One of such stages were in 2019 at the Fremont Street Experience Labor Day Weekend Concerts alongside two of his brothers ie. Darius Ivey and Artis Ivey.

Milan is also a rapper and is known by the stage name “Pharaoh Santana”. He released his debut album in 2020 titled “PSI”  which has 10 songs on it but before that had success with the music video of his single, “Moonlight”, which had over 130k views within the first two weeks of release.

His debut album basically talks about his life experiences and the kind of future he envisions. His songs include Money Don’t Buy Happiness, Tony Sparks, Arvada, Playboy, Platinum CD’s, etc.

Milan Ivey Siblings
Milan Ivey performing with his father, Coolio and two brothers

He graduated from the New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualised Study.

Milan is has proven to be a very talented young man has managed to combine music and acting without one interfering with the other. As an actor, he has starred or appeared in a number of films including Amazon Prime’s post apocalyptic comedy titled “Nuke City”.

He owns a multimedia company called “New America Digital” which produced happens to be producers of “Fake News At Night”, a Facebook Watch satirical need in which he starred in.

Who Are Milan Ivey Siblings? 

Milan Ivey, son of Coolio has nine siblings. Out of his nine siblings, six are females and the remaining three being males.

Their names are Kate Ivey, Brandi Ivey, Shayne Ivey, Zhaneand Ivey, Artis Ivey III, Darius Ivey, Artisha Ivey, Grtis Ivey and Jackie Ivey.

Aside Jackie Ivey, Artisha Ivey, Brandi Ivey and Artis Ivey who gained popularity for appearing in the family reality show, “Coolio’s Rules” in 2008, his other siblings are not really known due to the low key lives they’ve chosen.

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