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Mike Todryk First Wife. September 2023

Mike Todryk is widely recognized for his marriage to Jennifer Todryk. Beyond their connection, he is also an accomplished businessman, overseeing the operations of Armor Coffee Co. in the Dallas region. This coffee company has gained popularity for its quality products and exceptional customer experience.

In addition to his involvement in the coffee industry, Mike is the proud owner of Armor Brewing Company, a relatively new venture. The brewery, although still in its early stages, has made a significant impact in a short period. With its innovative brews and dedication to craftsmanship, Armor Brewing Company has quickly gained a loyal following.

While Armor Coffee Co. and Armor Brewing Company are both recent endeavors, they have already made a considerable impact in their respective markets. As Mike Todryk continues to foster and expand these businesses, his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality serve as a driving force behind their success.

Who is Mike Todryk?

Mike Todryk was born to parents Michael T. Todryk and Kathy Todryk in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year 1976. The circumstances of his life prevented his father, Michael, from pursuing his first goal of becoming an art teacher in high school. After retiring in 2014, he spent all of his time painting, with a particular emphasis on celestial entities, especially angels, because he had a deep faith in them. At OPTAVIA, Kathy was employed as a health and wellness coach.

Michael and Kathy, Mike’s parents, got hitched on April 13, 1980, and they’ve been together ever since. Mike grew up in a close-knit home with the companionship of his five siblings. In terms of his schooling, Mike enrolled in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in 2015. He put a lot of effort into his studies, and in 2017 he obtained an MBA with a stellar 3.9 GPA.

Mike had previously studied at the West Point campus of the US Military Academy. From 1994 to 1998, he pursued studies in systems engineering and engineering management. He was on the Dean’s list and won the superintendent’s award while in college.

Mike holds certificates and credentials from several organizations. He got an MBA from SMU Cox School of Business in addition to certificates from the Heart Rhythm Society, NCEES, and the Fundamentals of Engineering Society (CCDS, FE, and FE).

Before starting his business career, Mike worked as an army officer. He oversaw the activities of a 16-man scout unit from 1998 to 2000. Later, he rose to oversee a support platoon of 52 soldiers.

He ultimately rose to the positions of executive officer for a tank company and accountant for the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. In March 2003, he started working as a medical device sales representative for Boston Scientific. After working for the firm for over 7 years, he joined St. Judy Medical as a sales representative for medical equipment.

In November 2012, Mike advanced through the ranks to become a regional sales manager. He won the President’s Award, the Circle of Excellence, the Winner’s Circle, the Southwest Plains Growth Award, and the President’s Award during his time with the business.

In January 2014, Mike quit his prior position to work as the regional sales director for Abbott. He also received the company’s president’s award for his efforts and accomplishments.

Mike started his entrepreneurial adventure in January 2020. He established Armor Coffee Co., where he serves as CEO & Founder. The family-run company became well-known in Allen, Texas.

Who is Mike Todryk’s Wife?

On August 7, 2020, Mike Todryk published a piece in which he discussed his connection in full. The post claims that Mike and Jennifer met in 2010. She made him the happiest he had ever been, and he regarded her as a beautiful, humorous, determined, and brilliant lady.

After dating for a year, Mike and his wife Jennifer got hitched on August 6, 2011, in Cancun, Mexico. Mike writes about the wedding,

“It was a week-long party in Mexico with margaritas (duh), dirty monkeys (alcoholic banana smoothies), and extremely average all-inclusive Mexican food”.

The wedding, conducted by a toothless clergyman, was the day’s most notable event. Two years after their marriage, they welcomed Von as their first child. Berkley first came in 2015, and Vivienne followed in 2018.

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