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Mickie James Husband: Who Is He?. June 2023

Who Is Mickie James?

Mickie James is a wrestler and performer, making a name for herself in the profession. She is well-known for her extraordinary talent and flexibility, as well as her commitment to giving back and supporting many causes.

James has worked for many wrestling organizations, including WWE, TNA, and NWA, since her beginning in the sport in 1999. Throughout her career, she has won several titles and medals and is widely regarded as one of the finest female wrestlers of all time.

mickey james
mickey james

James has pursued a music career in parallel to her wrestling career, releasing various albums and songs throughout the years. “Strangers & Angels Vol. 2,” her most recent album, was released in 2021 and comprises a combination of country, rock, and pop songs.

James has also continued to appear in films and television shows, including the forthcoming feature “The Devil’s Knot” and the TV series “Yellowstone.” Her acting abilities have been lauded by critics and fans alike, and she has established herself as a sought-after actor in the entertainment business.

James is well-known for her philanthropy and activism in addition to her job in the entertainment world. Throughout her career, she has advocated for a variety of issues, including animal welfare and breast cancer awareness. James established her own foundation, the Mickie James Foundation, in 2021, with the goal of offering assistance and resources to women in need.

James made news in 2022 when she was released from her WWE contract. The decision prompted outrage among fans and wrestlers, who chastised the business for its handling of female wrestlers and lack of support for women’s wrestling. James, on the other hand, has stayed upbeat and focused on her future plans.

James has continued to work in wrestling since her release, making appearances for various organizations and pursuing her passion for the sport. She has also continued to advocate for women’s wrestling and the necessity of giving female wrestlers opportunity to thrive.

In 2023, James was revealed as one of the honorees for that year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. James expressed her thanks and joy for the distinction, which is a testimony to her tremendous career and accomplishments to the wrestling profession.

Mickie James Husband: Who Is He?

Mickie James is married to Nick Aldis, a professional wrestler as well. Aldis, whose ring name “Magnus,” has a successful wrestling career, having worked for companies such as TNA, Ring of Honor, and NWA.

WWE Superstar Mickie James and her husband Nick Aldis (NWA's Magnus) on  Christmas morning #WWE #TNA #NWA #wwecouples #wwew… | Mickie james,  Mickies, Wrestling divas

In 2014, James and Aldis began dating after meeting in the wrestling world. Later that year, they became engaged, and they married in December 2015. The couple has two children: a boy, Donovan Patrick Aldis, and a daughter, Freya Aldis.

Throughout James’ career, Aldis has been a supportive spouse, and the couple frequently appears together at wrestling events and on social media. They’ve also collaborated in the wrestling profession, with Aldis working as a commentator for NWA while James wrestled.

Overall, James and Aldis’ marriage is a tribute to their mutual love of wrestling and commitment to each other’s professions.

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