Michael Brennicke’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Michael Brennicke will always be remembered for his contributions to the entertainment industry and his distinct voice, which brought life to numerous characters and stories.

His body of work solidifies his legacy as a respected and accomplished talent in German cinema and television.

Michael Brennicke’s Biography

Michael Brennicke was a German actor, synchronist, and dialogue book writer, best known for his work as an off-speaker in the television show “Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst”.

He was born in Munich, Germany, on October 5, 1949, and died on March 25, 2019.

Brennicke was raised in a family with a rich showbiz history. Helmut Brennicke, his father, was a theatre actor and director, and Rosemarie Lang, his mother, was also an actress.

He was also the younger brother of radio host Thomas Brennicke. Brennicke had an interest in acting at a young age and played in his high school’s private drama theatre under the leadership of Adolf Ziegler.

Brennicke went on to study acting at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich after graduating from high school in 1968. During his tenure at the university, he also studied German, music, and psychology.

Brennicke made his feature film debut in the 1970 film “Es braust ein Ruf wie Donnerhall,” directed by Fritz Umgelter.

This resulted in greater opportunities in cinema and television. He appeared in television shows such as “Die unfreiwilligen Reisen des Moritz August Benjowski” (1974), “Zwei Himmlische Töchter” (1978), and “Tatort”.

He also appeared in the Derrick sequel “Solo for Margarete” (1978) and rose to prominence as the narrator for the opening titles of the TV series “Auf Achse” (1977-1993).

Brennicke moved his concentration to film synchronisation in the early 1980s. He began by authoring dialogue books and eventually became a director.

He worked on several important films, including “Octopussy,” “A View to a Kill,” and “Asterix – Sieg über Cäsar.” He has provided voices for legendary performers like Dustin Hoffman, Chevy Chase, Kurt Russell, and Adriano Celentano.

Brennicke’s most well-known voice work, however, was on the television show “Sennen Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst.”

From 1989 until his death, he was the show’s off-speaker, appearing as a presenter in recreated film cases. He also served as a station announcer for a private television network.

Brennicke experimented in radio dramas in addition to his work in film and television. He appeared in the radio play “Why? In the Name of God” as part of the series “Africa: Tradition and Present” in 1985.

Brennicke had a daughter named Nadeshda who also followed a career in acting outside of his professional life.

Michael Brennicke was recognised for his talent and dedication throughout his career. In 2009, he and Carina Krause received the Synchronist Audience Award for Best Dialogue Book of a Series for their work on “Battlestar Galactica.”

Michael Brennicke’s Cause Of Death

Michael Brennicke’s cause of death is unknown as there is limited information on what actually led to his demise.




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