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Michael Bredl’s Biography, Wikipedia

Michael Bredl was born on December 24, 1915, and he can be described as a German Volksmusik musician and collector, publisher and teacher.

He however died on June 22, 1999, and prior to that, he was known to be the first Volksmusik conservator in Bavarian Swabia in the region of Allgäu. He found himself in a family of 13 children and most of the time, they sang and played music.

Michael Bredl took part in the first Lower Bavarian youth singing competition in Landshut in 1931. He won that competition together with his two brothers. Apart from singing, he could play the virtuoso zither, violin, wind instruments and piano.

Michael Bredl was known to have founded the first rural singing and folk music school in Bavarian Swabia. He later became a teacher in Bad Hindelang and he formed a music band of singers and musicians. It must be noted that between 1965 and 1967, Michael Bredl was known to be the first full-time folk music custodian in Bavarian Swabia and stopped teaching.

Some of the awards Michael Bredl won include 1977: Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande, 1979: Ehrentaler für hervorragende Verdienste um die Allgäuer Heimat verliehen vom Heimatbund Allgäu and 1998 Ehrengabe Schwäbische Nachtigall.

Some of his music sheets include Volksmusik aus Schwaben. Aufgezeichnet und gesammelt vom schwäbischen Volksmusikpfleger Michael Bredl. – Musikverlag Josef Preissler, München 1966, D’r Hiertebue: Volksmusik aus dem schwäbisch-alemannischen Raum. 1967, Schwäbische Tänze für Blasmusik, zusammengest. von Michael Bredl, München 1967, 10 Stimmhefte and Schwäbische Tänze für Akkordeon, Zugleich Direktionsstimme zu Heft 2:Schwäbische Tänze für Blasmusik“, zusammengest. von Michael Bredl, München (1967), 30 S., nur Note.

Michael Bredl’s Age, Birth Date

Michael Bredl was born on December 24, 1915. He died at the age of 83.

Michael Bredl’s Height, Weight

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Michael Bredl’s Net Worth

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Michael Bredl’s Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Children

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