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Melanie Gabriel can be described as an English singer-songwriter who was born on August 23, 1976. Melanie Gabriel is the younger daughter of Peter Gabriel and Jill Georgina. Peter Gabriel is a musician, composer and songwriter and Jill Georgina Gabriel is the daughter of Philip Moore and Baron Moore of Wolvercote.  Melanie Gabriel was born and raised in the English city of Bath. She relocated to New York after school, with her elder sister Anna-Marie. She attended college and read Painting and Photography. It must be noted that Melanie Gabriel became known on the international scene after she collaborated with her father on the Growing Up tour between 2002 and 2004.

Melanie Gabriel started her solo music career in 1999 when she made an appearance in the compilation Refuge as a composer and singer. The first album of Melanie Gabriel was released on CD in 2002.  In 2003, she collaborated with French musicians La Jarry and Hector Zazou.

Melanie Gabriel recorded Words in 2004 with the Ugandan musician, Geoffrey Oryema. Later in 2006, Melanie Gabriel worked with the  Belgian producer and composer Thierry Can Roy on the music project,  Taiga Maya. The voice of Melanie Gabriel can be heard on songs such as The Court, Four Kinds of Horses, So Much, Love Can Heal as well as Live and Let Live by Peter Gabriel.

Some of the works to the credit of Melanie Gabriel include 1999: Refuge (compilation), on the song Broken L with Peter Gabriel and Joy Askew, 2002: Melanie Gabriel (own studio album with 7 tracks), 2002: Up (studio album by Peter Gabriel), 2003: Growing Up Live ( Live DVD by Peter Gabriel), 2003: Strong Currents (studio album by Hector Zazou ), on the song Mmmh, 2004: Words (studio album by Geoffrey Oryema ) and 2010: Taiga Maya (DVD + book with CD ), a project in collaboration with the Belgian artist Thierry Van Roy .

Others are 2011: New Blood (studio album by Peter Gabriel), on the song Downside Up, re-orchestrated version of the piece on the studio album OVO, which was composed for the Millennium Dome show in 2000 at the Millennium Dome in London, 2011: New Blood: Live in London (DVD by Peter Gabriel), 2012: Live Blood ( live album by Peter Gabriel) and 2019: Growing Up Live (live album by Peter Gabriel).

Melanie Gabriel’s Net Worth

The net worth of Melanie Gabriel is pegged at $5 million. She has two children; a daughter called Gia and a son called Matteo. Melanie Gabriel stands 5 feet 7 inches.

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